Monday, June 16, 2008

a day in my life

a little while back, Robyn asked me to join in the series of Day in the Life
(click for list of others - you'll be glad you did! lots of great crochet designers and insiders!)

wait no more, here's mine:

A Day in the Life
wake, coffee- 1 point - move around, start to water the grass, let the dogs out, sit on the back porch before the sun hits 105! Wondering why my herbs keep dying. What am I doing wrong? Can't wait til hubby gets my herb garden fence put up so I can have a better spot for them- and actually have them in the ground instead of in pots.
7:15 breakfast for the kiddos. are they all up? quick head count. one missing. go get the girl.
7:30 break up the fight going on about why someone picked the "hard" track on mario kart for the wii
7:45 get hubby out the door for work.
8:00 another cup of coffee-1 point. you know, i really should have breakfast. start laundry. move sprinkler to the other side of the yard.
8:45 another cup of coffee-1 point. still thinking about how i should have breakfast. i think there is some special K in the pantry. milk? questionable. i'll have to check.
9:00 the fun begins. yippee. Today is bathroom day. I get to scrub the toilet. I know. The glamour is beyond belief.
9:15 break from the bathroom. The dryer went off. Time to reboot.
9:30 back to the bathroom. Okay, ya'll - 2 things about cleaning the bathroom in this house.
Ewwww and Why?
you do remember I have 3 sons, right? So you understand my wondering without further details. Because seriously, you don't want the details.
9:37 on the hunt for the dust-pan. Really--- why does stuff like this disappear? I mean, when it comes to me asking them to sweep up something they act like I'm speaking some foreign language. Dustpan? I'm so sorry, mother, we simply don't understand what you’re trying to say to us. You know, the blue hot wheels ramp.
9:39 dustpan found. In the backyard. Because that makes sense.
10:02 finished with the bathroom. Mental note: linen closet chaos-needs to be reorganized. Later. Dryer is done. Washing, still going. Go fold and put away.
10:05 realized I still haven't eaten breakfast. Taking a break.
10:26 okay, ate some cereal-2 points emptied the dishdrainer. washed all the breakfast dishes.
10:28 remembered the sprinkler was still going. Ummm, it got a good, 'deep' watering today. Back to the laundry. The washing machine is done now. Still more to put away from the dryer.
10:41 crum! Broke a nail. I know. Ridiculous. But still! Make a phone call on the walmart shopping card found in a pocket of hubby's jeans. Darn! $0. Check email.
10:48 hamburger meat out to thaw. Mmmmm burgers 'n dogs on the menu tonight. Read a few blogs. Replied to a few emails. Gotta call the surgeon to schedule check up for X. he had his appendix removed a week ago. Doing fabulous. Just very sad that he is not allowed on the trampoline or his rollerblades for another week. The littles are outside enjoying the weather. The backyard is still shaded. They have about another hour before the thermometer hits 100 and the yard is full sun.
11:01 gonna go work on a spring design I've got going. Well, after I water the animals. The littles feed them, but I don't trust them with the watering. The lizards have to be sprayed down with a squirt bottle several times a day... just not a good thing to let them be in charge of.
12:05 hubby is home! Time for lunch. WW calzone-6 points waterX2
12:55 hubby leaving for work again. Going to empty/refill the dryer.
1:15 kick the littles out. Go sit out on the front porch to observe the bike riding and work on spring design. WaterX2
2:30 it is hot out! Thermometer is reading 103! The wind is like turning out your hairdryer. If you've never been to Amarillo, let me tell you, the wind never stops blowing. So it's constant heat, even in the shade. Increases/decreases in stitch pattern and such figured out. Sample of top portion complete.
2:42 popsicle break! (for the littles) water X2 (for me)
3:15 enough time out for a while. Heading in for some books/rest/air conditioner. Thumb through a real simple mag.
4:00 wii time for the littles, I'm going to ready dinner.
5:05 hubby is home! Talk with him about his day. Work on dinner and just mill about with hubby.
6:30 dinner. Enjoy the slight cool down of evening weather (all the way down to 89) with our burgers on the back parch.
7:30 dinner dishes, kitchen tidy.
9:oo send the bottom 3 littles off to bed. J gets to stay up late because some of the neighborhood boys have dropped in to play wii. Watch wii battles, listen to the laughter littered with 'you punk!' 'cheater' 'what do you think about that?!' 'yes!' 'loser!'. All while working on a throw I've got going for a gift.
11:30 kick the boys out. Send J off to bed. Pick up after the all the stinky boys.
12:00 whew! That's about it. To bed.

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