Wednesday, October 19, 2005

cool clogs

yippee skippee! i finally have internet back!
we are completely (well, almost) moved into the new house. we've been painting and painting and other misc. things. i say 'misc' like these things were minor details. i wish i would've taken a picture of this for 'the record' but didn't. there was not a back door in this house. odd, huh? notice how i saw 'was'.... hubby and his dad spent this past sunday cutting a GIANT HOLE in the house and installing one. just let me tell ya - you don't realize how large a door is, until there is a HOLE in your house without one!!! it was just crazy! hubby had this giant saw and just CUT A HOLE in the HOUSE!! ... okay, i'm over it now (seriously, it was a BIG hole!) so now, we have a backdoor in the utility room. woohoo!

now, on to my awesome socks! i received my sockpal2za socks! and they are fabulous!
ck em out!!

that's about all i've got time for today - i need to get some cleaning done around the house. because of all the chaos in the past 2 days, i've fallen a little behind.

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