Tuesday, November 29, 2005

pattern advice

with the move to the new house, i lost my 'craft room'. this has forced an evaluation of my yarn stash. not to say that i didn't love every minute of going through all my gorgeous fiber and fondling a few balls here and there (oh c'mon, like you would have passed up saying it :). my first choice of yarn to become something is:

5 beautiful,variegated shades of blue with silver tinsel balls of 'Silver' by adriafil
each ball is 50 grams of a bulky weight yarn. this yarn was gifted to me and i haven't made anything with it because i want to find the 'perfect' pattern. i love this yarn and want something that will show off how great it is. but what?


there's something about having 4 kids that makes other parents come to you for advice about the numbers of their family. i get this question all the time "We're considering another, what do you think?" from moms of 1 to 3. crazy. i always have said "it's that 4th one.... it's the magic number for changing your life" which, i believe really is. screws up most everything. messes with that sibling order business and also catapults you from a 'normal' family right into "WOW! you've got your hands full!" if only i had a dime for every time i've heard that. so i'm putting away my 3rd (yes, third) load of laundry this morning and i've decided my standard answer is changing. from now on, when i get that question, my answer is "sure, have another. as long as you own a really great washer/dryer and won't mind having a very close relationship with them" now, don't mis-understand... i don't even want to imagine our life without our 4th...he is, well, very very active and a naughty naughty little boy that makes me crack up on an hourly basis.
seriously, if there is anyone out there who does more than 3 loads of laundry on a daily basis (that's what i do- and UGH, you should see it if i don't!), i need to know your secret to sanity!

hey all - go give a shout of congrats to my friend, drew - he got a mention in the latest VogueKnitting knit.1 - the men's issue (pagina 27)

you kitty lovers had better put in a good word for mine. a few days ago he got some urinary tract crystals. we spent a ridiculous amount of money getting him all fixed up. gratitude from the cat? hell no! he started spraying!! what the hell? he's 8yrs old, was neutered at just 6 mos.... what the hell? why now? why?!? i can NOT deal with this! his furry ass is about to be outside - someone had better plead his case, remember the snow pictures i posted yesterday?


Sunday, November 27, 2005


i found my chibi!! YAY! my flora scarf has been blocked and assembled!
i'm very excited to give this to my friend. do you think she'll like it?

in other news:
welcome to winter
the first snow of the season in my neck-o-the-woods (well, plains actually)
i guess i am kinda ready for it. kinda not. not really all too excited about the cold. but ready for it to 'feel' more like Christmas. i can't believe it is soooo close!! gotta get my hooks flyin'! it's beginning to look like i need to choose what looks like a possibility of getting complete. i've got a pretty good idea of what i'm going to get done. but at the risk of giving a secret away, i can't post just yet.
on that note.... i've gotta get. while i have "free" time (until the dryer buzzes at me), i've got to be working on that gift! :)

Friday, November 18, 2005

good - bad

good news - the playdoh is out!
bad news - the boy gave me his illness, along with both brothers and sister.
good news - we're all finally better!
bad news - my chibi is lost.
good advice - don't put all your eggs in one basket
bad situation - all my needles are in that chibi!
good pattern - flora, such a beautiful little scarflet!
bad pattern - it requires some assembly - all my needles are in that chibi!

okay, enough of that
i finished a gift for my friend laura. it's made with some yarn i spun using some black 30%silk and 70%merino. i plyed it with knit picks 'alpaca cloud' in midnight. when i knit it, i also held a strand of the alpaca along with the black. when it came time to make the flower, i didn't have the instructions with me. so, i crocheted one up real quick - didn't need a pattern for that :)
this project is my contribution to knitting black

knitting black

i'll post a picture of it tomorrow after i have it all blocked and assembled (hopefully i'll find that chibi)

as for crochet, i've got a circle jacket complete except for sleeves. my joann's ran out of the yarn and had to order it from another store. so as soon as that comes in, i'll be able to get that complete. i've also completed another shoulderwarmer and am halfway done with another...although, i did color changes and the ends need to be sewn in. where's my chibi? wah!
finishing the second shoulderwarmer is in the agenda for tonight.

that's all i've got for now folks... 'til tomorrow :)

Friday, November 11, 2005

blue boogies

would this be cause for alarm in your house?
for the past two or three days, my youngest has been sick. so when he started with the bright green boogs yesterday, i didn't think twice about it. however, when they turned to blue today.... i thought "well, now that's just not right"
so, being mom, i had him lie down so i could get a good luck up his nose. a big 'ol ball of playdoh.
he's been blowing and blowing
all morning with no luck.
that blue ball of play doh is stuck stuck stuck
stuck in the muck down in the muggy buggy marsh.
blow! blow! blow!
no luck... still stuck

~~the booger version of One Duck Stuck
yes, i know, i need to get out more.

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