Sunday, September 18, 2005


you will all be glad to know:
i finished my first ever complete pair of socks!!
woohoo! and, if i do say so myself - they look good!

the yarn pooled in one and seemed totally random on the other - i dunno.... i completely frogged the first sock i had pictured. i just couldn't see beyond that narrow spot. i used a totally different pattern and liked it much more, anyhow. it was toe-up.

so - they are currently on their way to their new home. my partner doesn't have a blog... i hope they fit.

the moving is still in progress - thank goodness there's no deadline! sadly, i totally avoided working on the other house this weekend. well, friday i did get the texturing done in the living room... i will be taping it off and such over the week during the day when it is just the little one and i.

guess what my goofy self went a did! i entered the "gwape wool" yarn in the fair!
it got 3rd place.... not bad - i had high hopes, but hey, really, considering i've only been spinning for a year (remember, Hilary was my birthday gift last year)--- and my birthday approaches again... just 8 days away - 30-here i come. seems weird. i'd say i don't feel thirty.. but what is it supposed to feel like?

alrighty, i must get - now that the sock is done, i have a wedding gift to make for this saturday.
i've tripled up on a tobacco colored chenille with an N hook working a throw in the diagonal box-stitch pattern.

Friday, September 02, 2005


another craft pic - here is a hand bag i made:
sweetheart bag
a friend of mine is going to be renting a booth at a crafty place and is going to let me put some things in it.... that is where this bag will go.
i made this bag using strips of satin in red and white, pink RH baby clouds, and strips of lilac fleece - no pattern. it's not lined yet... i'll be looking through my fabric stash for lining that will suit it.

i know i'm terribly behind in everything and my buttons are either out of date, or not up at all *sigh
i don't even know if i've posted that i'm in the sockapal2za this go 'round... well, i am :)
i am using dancing from knit picks for the stretch - which my partner requested..... hey, i think i did post about this- it's all coming back to me know {haze}

they are to be mailed out on Sept 15th... i know, i know - it doesn't look like i've gotten much done...
but i will not be picking up hooks or needles for ANY OTHER (something has gone terribly wrong with this page???wah!) project until these socks are done!
quick question: you see that little indentation in the leg of the sock - where it kinda has an hourglass curve? i'm guessing my tension just went wonky for a bit... so what i'm gonna do is start the second sock until i hear from you all on what you think i should do.
i think i'm going to frog back to this spot and go again...after all - they are a gift - RIGHT?
what would you do?
i'm committed to NOT being late on this swap! so with that, off i go - to begin the second sock :)

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