Wednesday, May 31, 2006

to ms. martini:

i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i'm sorry.


i sent your box yesterday.

Friday, May 26, 2006

booty blues

so far so good. yesterday was the kiddos first official day with no school. minimal fighting and no boredom! of course, my niece was here for the second half of the day, so i guess that's kinda cheating. it started raining yesterday evening and still is. well... not actual rain - just random drops. just enough to keep everything wet, chilly, and muddy outside. so it'll be an indoor day for us. at what point do kids realize that sound travels? they are so funny. they are playing "hide and seek". the youngest is in a cabinet in the kitchen and keeps opening and shutting the door to peek out. silly boy.

all 4 kidlets have an eye doctor check up today. so that will take up some time. not that i'm really looking forward to keeping them all entertained while we wait. ugh! i've got to get some snack crackers made up and paper and pencils gathered, maybe a hotwheel or 2, a book or 3...

remember that sweet little sock teddyi made? well, she never made it to her new home. it was in the back of the suburban awaiting my trip to the post office.
just look at what my 5 year old did!

markered up

i guess what i'm going to do is see if i can get a piece of felt to fit the booty space and stitch it on. unless you have a better idea?

warm wishes

a very good friend of the family is moving into her own place for the first time. she is decorating in a spanish mission kind of style. i made her this:

after i finished needle felthing her, i decided she needed more and freehand beaded this swirly design on.
i hope she likes my little creation.

the kiddos are out of school for the summer. i'm very glad to have them home. i'm also very nervous that this is going to be a long, hot one. this will be the summer i lose my sanity, i'm pretty sure. i wonder how many times i'm going to hear "i'm bored" a day. hmmmm, maybe i should count.

Monday, May 22, 2006

charity: a good thing

every year in my town there is a day of celebration for our puppies. it is Muttfest and is put on by the SPCA. i donated a collar and leash i crocheted. it was for a silent auction. i don't know how it ended up doing because we had to leave the celebration a bit early. my dane started to get a bit snippy at some of the other dogs. he got really tired of every person in the park coming over to pet him. remember, he's deaf. so when people (and dogs) came up to him without warning or asking it well... just all got to be too much.
please, ya'll teach your kids (and yourself) to ask an owner before petting their dog. grrrr. this just makes me nuts! what in the world is going on inside these people's heads? he's 220 pounds for crying out loud! i mean, i know he's a gentle beast... but they don't!
okay, stepping off my box...

just look at my sally! isn't she sweet!?! perfect model


psssst.... did you notice my little tag on the first pic? woohoo! ed for ewedevil. clever, eh? there is a little red heart on the flipside. :D more on this later.

oh, and. he (josh, my dane) made the front page! a photographer from the local paper took some pictures of him and used one as the photo for the coverage of the event. pretty funny.

i loosely followed the pattern on CrochetMe. there is not a pattern for the collar, i just made it to match. i stole the hardware from some old worn out leashes/collars/belts we had around the house. i used and E hook and nylon string fround in the hardware department at walmart.

my daughter's surgery went as smooth as can be. she went in at 9am and was home resting on the couch by 12:30. crazy, huh!?! she was given a prescription of tylenol3, but she hasn't needed it. i've only had to give her regular kid's tylenol twice. she is doing just fabulous.

Monday, May 08, 2006

pincushion challenge

Booga J has started a fun challenge!
making pincushions :D
pincushion challenge

the month of May is fruit fruit challenge

my contribution:
fruit challenge

pretty cute, heh?
it's needle felted with the 'seeds'embroidered on with red dmc floss. the stem is a bit of teal/purple i spun a while back. i gave it to a lady who helped me in a pinch the other day - vic and i were on a field trip with my girl. after the nature reserve, we went to a restaurant that DOH didn't take checks. i never carry cash so she picked up lunch for my little guy.

my kiddos do not have school today (using up their final snow day). there are only 4 days of school left. they are about to just come unglued waiting for summer.
i'm ready... i think :P

also, be thinking of my babygirl tomorrow (tuesday). last year she broke her arm good and needed some screws, a plate and rods. tomorrow, they have to be removed. it's just a 'day surgery' so they are expecting her to be out of the hospital by late afternoon. but i'm still nervous.... that's the mom's job, right?

Sunday, May 07, 2006

getting crafty

green in may

May project spectrum: Green
does painting the walls of my hall count?
i'll post a picture later.

a friend of the family has turned 8. i made this litle teddy bear for her as a gift.

you think she'll like it?

2 socks, 1 sheet felt, 2 buttons, embroidery thread, and polyfill.
ummm, kinda hard to say, i guess 3 hours. it is completely hand stitched.

oh! i've got something green to share.

great fabric

HELP! what would you do?

i think i have told you that part of the reason for my hereandthere posting is because of remodeling/revamping going on at our home.
here is my biggest dilemma:
my craft room. it is 10X9. it has 3 fabulous windows that provide me with viewing of the backyard to keep an eye on the kiddos. 2 that face east and 1 south.
the north wall is complete cabinets, wall to wall, ceiling to floor - with a great counter for working:
this is the what the top looks like. the bottoms have just one board - so 2 shelves - both a nice big roomy size.
the west wall has the entry door into the craft room (from the kitchen)
here you can see the amount of space from the windows until the cabinets begin (not much) on the east wall.
east wall

if you had this room. how would you set it up?
my sewing machine will be in our study, so that's one thing i don't have to worry about. oh, and my hilary (spinning wheel) will most likely be in the living room)
all of my craftiness needs to fit into this room.
i sew (my fabric is stored in rubbermaid bins in the garage because there is NO way all of it will fit in the house) but i do need to keep my "supplies" in here.
i spin - i need to store my wool, niddynoddy, ball winder.....
i needlefelt - small amt of storage needed for needles and styrofoam
i bead
i knit and crochet - needles and hooks and all other notions need a home as well as yarn.
i'm learning to embroider - so i also need to store all my threads for this
i also do tons of scrapbooking, but this has it's own designated closet - so none of this is in this room- *whew!

and DON'T advise me to drop a craft. it's NOT going to happen. :P

oh, yeah, it looks all crazy in this pics, this is before the painting and ripping up the floor and taking down all the hidious wall paper.....
afters will come later.

HELP! what would you do?

Thursday, May 04, 2006

frog porn

(i'm scared to think what kind of lewd searchers landed here!)

so, i'm at the thrift store with my #4 (3 yrs old). i'm searching their craft supplies and he is digging in a box of beanie toys - we're happy. he shows me this itty frog that he's found and says "pwease" of course!
so as i'm loading him up in the suburban, i say to my innocent child, "can i see your froggy?" i look at it, telling him what a cool choice he's made. isn't this a cute little frog!?!
it's obviously something someone hand made, so i flipped it over to look at it's design ..... HOLY COW!
it's pornfrography!!
do you believe that!?!
so my precious, darling, little one says "it's got a flower". why, yes it does, and a rather large one at that!

what's a mom to do? i can't take it away from him now. and he does think it's just a flower. so i let him keep it. later that night, he came to me with a puffed out lip and said "froggy has a hole" "oh no! let me see it." ( tug tug tug) "it's a kinda big hole, buddy. i don't think i can fix it. but i can make you a new one!" so, with my handy seam ripper, the porn frog became a pattern. one hour later and a more kid-friendly - cheetah frog!
the boy was very happy with his new frog but did want to know why this one doesn't have a flower.
happy boy!

Monday, May 01, 2006


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