Sunday, February 26, 2006

golden gloves

woohoo woohoo woohoo!

for grandpa

my men's fingerless mitts for my grandpa are done!
i'll get a picture of him in them soon. short and sweet tonight..just wanted to get this posted while i watch the closing ceremonies.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

*cough cough cough*

pardon me, i'm so sorry, will you hand me that lung over there?
sick sick sick - that's me. but, the fever and body aches are gone... just this cough remains.

so today will be a house cleaning day for me. at least hubby has been keeping up with the dishes, so that is nice. everything else - oy! you know it's bad when you actually plan a point of attack.

i can tell the family is sick of me being sick feels very sorry for mommy. i got a gift -

great knitted gifts there is not one single pattern in this book that i do not want to make!! i LOVE it!! oooooo, i have great plans for a few Christmas gifts coming from this book. i think i have looked beginning to end in this book 20 times! you know one thing that i really enjoyed? they show some of the patterns in multiple color schemes. not sure why, but i really find that enjoyable in a pattern book....*sigh. this one makes me happy.

i'm about 1/3 of the way through my second men's fingerless mitt for grandpa. the only problem with this is that i have hopelessly lost temporarily misplaced the completed one to measure this one by to make sure they are exactly the same... i'm crossing my fingers that it will make itself known as the house begins to show it's floor again. until it is found, i'm at a waiting point on the second mitt.

i'm also stuck on the sock that i've been working on.... why? because the book is hopelessly lost temporarily misplaced...i'm crossing my fingers that it will make itself known as the house begins to show it's floor again. until it is found, i'm at a waiting point....... deja vu?

yeah yeah yeah, i know... i still owe you a new A, a B, a C and a D now..... i will get there. i will! seriously..... i will

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

1/2 way!

i'm 1/2 way to the finish line!! i've completed (all but sewing in the ends) one fingerless mitt for my grandpa! i'm so excited - not because i'm 1/2 way there, but because it actuallly LOOKS like a mitten!! wooohooo for me! it's in a ww grey wool ease. warmth and easy care... he's a smoker -blech-, so i wanted something that could get tossed in the washer and dryer with no problems. the picture isn't that great, they look kinda funny because they are too big for me, they look much better on hubby.

grandpa's mitts

speaking of wool ease, my friend lenise has asked the question whether or not to use wool ease for socks... pop on over and give her your opinion/experiences with wool ease socks.

for the last 2 days, i've been tending to sickies. strep found it's way into my house - UGH! so far, my oldest hasn't gotten it since his tonsils were removed (last summer) YAY! my daughter was really bummed that she had to miss the Valentine's Day party at school. poor baby girl. hmmm, what else.... OH!

i got another package from my winter wool swap partner! Deneen, you are too sweet!!
she made this great fulled bag and gifted it to me :) i think the coolest thing about this bag is the colors... i don't have a 'cool' colored bag... and now i really need one because last thursday, on my way to our MOPS meeting, i spilled coffee all over my shirt and ran into a store and bought this really great olivey-lime colored tee that is a total match to this bag!!! and she also sent a hank of wool of the andes that i think she dyed herself... i LOVE this yarn!!! ya know what it will become??? Sophie! i've been wanting to make this for myself since before i could knit--- now i can!!!! THANK YOU!

winter wool 2!
(the colors are actually much brighter in person)

also... see those feet? remind you of anyone else's little boys? LOL

oh, and yes, i know how behind i am on the ABC-along... i'll catch up. hubby and i were doing some research around town for the upcoming letters and decided i didn't do "A" proper justice. watch for a re-post tomorrow :)

one more final little note.... why can't my mother just keep me informed of her health and dr. appts!?! i'm an adult now. i can handle this stuff and i'd appreciate not being left in the dark. grrr.. she just disappears from radar and makes us (my sisters and i) all freaked out 'cause no one knows where she is... turn on your damn cell phone!!.... okay, sorry 'bout that :) breathe.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

and we're off! so the torch was lit and the casting on begun.... even mine.
although, my project is nothing of olympic proportions. originally, my intent was to make this:
it's Teresa, in Junior Knits, by Debbie Bliss.

but, after talking with my grandpa the other day, i have changed my mind. he commented to me on how his hands are always cold and that he didn't want to wear gloves, because then he couldn't 'do anything'. soooo, i have decided my next project will be: men's fingerless mitts for my grandpa.

i considered working on them both, but i really want to get these to my grandpa as soon as possible.... and i'm no speed-knitter. you know that because i am still working on my daughter's legwarmer (notice-no S, still working on the first one *sigh).

also, the sock... i'm about 1/2" from starting the toe decrease.
i just have too too too much going on.
i'm almost done with the spinning for elizabeth and the winter wool swap. and (yes, there is still more that is in the 'current' WIP list - you do not want to see the whole list-- it's too scary to think about) i'm still working on some crochet things for crochetme.

so that's that- all my fiber stuff... so now about my real world. my house is crazy today. my parents took a mini-vacation. i agreed to watch their furbabies. all 3 of them! it's nuts. all together, they might weigh 10 pounds. 5 month old schauzer, mini-dauschund, and a 1/2 mini-dasch 1/2 chihuahua, combine these little guys with my great dane and australian shepard, add in my 2 cats, and don't forget my 4 kids. total chaos! oh, and i don't want to leave out the fact that my mother's doggies have never seen cats before - there's been some curious sniffin' followed by some get off me slappin' and then some confused whimperin'. wish me luck - 2 more days of this insanity.

yes, i mean that literally, drop a line and wish me luck or say hello or something..... i'm missing everyone's comments.

Monday, February 06, 2006

little secret

i've been keeping something from you
1st Sock!
are you too proud? i am! i want so badly to get my kick it boots done... but the fear of the dpn's was holding me back. so i jumped in and am working on a sock! woohoo! i've got to check the gauge of the yarn i chose and then i can get my shoes started :D

i'm still going on the legwarmer... oh my oh my these are taking forever! i've also been crocheting some super secret stuff for crochet me and still spinning for the Winter Wool swap - but i will finish the spinning tonight so that i can get it in the mail and not be late.... oooo, i hope elizabeth likes what i've made for her!

if i could only express to you the level of frustration i am having right now.... why why why in the hell does ridiculous shit have to go and get all fucked up and ruin shit? what am i talking about? i'm sitting here doing my little post and i like for all my links to be red... why why wont the link for elizabeth turn red?!? i did it exactly the same damn way i did all the others!!! GRRRRR

i'll get some pictures for the letter B today and have those for tomorrow.

okay, i'm done with this today. the battery must be running low on my keyboard, because it is skipping some letters... and i just can't look at that blue link any more.

i almost forgot, Sandy, this is for you:
out my front door and back



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