Wednesday, February 23, 2005

rose colored glasses, vol. 2

have i told you lately how wonderful that man of mine is?

Thursday, February 17, 2005

rose colored glasses

yes. he is always that wonderful. and have i mentioned that he's gorgeous too?!
here he is. my man, on his way to work last week.

he is the love of my life, my soul mate, the reason i breathe... (i'll spare you from any further mush)

on the fiber front:
i am SOO far behind in posting! eeek

look at these gorgeous pink bookmarks i received in the mail, from my friend Jayme. they are fabulous!! currently the reside on top of my jewely stand because i don't want to tuck them away between pages!

i was tagged the other day and still haven't gotten to it. but it is on my 'to do' list.

oh, gotta tell you about the microwave:

yesterday afternoon. my 2 year old decides he is hungry and gets a left-over Arby's roast beef sandwhich. happily munching away and playing. he put it down and one of the dogs ate it. now the boy is not so happy and wailing. my 3 year old suddenly develops compassion and decides to fix his brother another. so he gets one out of the refrigerator and puts it in the microwave to warm it up. pushes the 'popcorn' button... and then starts screaming "mama mama, it's all fired up!" huh? then he starts talking and all i hear is "cooking burger" and i immediately know what he is talking about.... so i take off running... i round the corner to see my 5 year old daughter with her hands on her cheeks and mouth wide open and eyes HUGE - think "Home Alone". i came through the backdoor of the kitchen, the microwave is on this wall, so i don't see what's happening inside, just the bright neon orange glow cast on my daughter's face. i open the door to stop it and smoke rolls out, filling the kitchen with the horrible stench of burned foil burger wrapper and bun. i mean this thing was toasted!! hungry??

that's it so far today. my alotted time is over. although i have much much more to post. maybe tonight. maybe.

Monday, February 14, 2005

A Valentines Day Message

I am writing this on my wife’s blog to share with the world the way I feel about her. Let me first start off with the immortal words, “I Love My Wife”. I will always love her and she will always be a part of me. I want to explain this a little further by saying waking up every morning with her lying next to me is like watching the sunrise spread across sky painting it yellow, red and gold. Every day is more then breathing fresh air it’s like being reborn into new state of joy. She is my best friend, my partner, my happiness. She has given my four wonderful children, she has made my house a home just by residing in the same place I do. Every night is more then special it’s like … well its life. I know that may seem odd, but without her I feel I would wilt and blow away. On this Valentines Day 2005, I reaffirm my love for her to the world, this 9th Valentines Day we have spent together as man and wife.

Rebecca, I love you. Always and Forever.

Your Husband.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

WIP wednesday

i updated my picture again to show off my new piercing.... but it's just too small to see.
i know there are other things i'm supposed to be posting about, but today is:

Grayson's Baby blanket 75% done
Hubby's Chenille blanket - about 10 inches wide
Mr Speckles has a head, body and both arms
my sisters HUGE red (was to be throw - has become bed covering) has YET ANOTHER skein completely on it... more to go
knitted soldier's hat is finished and mailed to julie for anysoldier
nannie's cross sits with just one round to go --- don't know why i can't get into this

the prayer pot is complete

Katey's baby blanket is finished! thank you mitzi for sending the final skein i could not get at the stores anymore!!

this is all i can remember right now... i may go in and do some editing and updating to this post later. depending on if i have time. my youngest is not feeling well and is wanting to be held a lot this morning. we'll see how the day goes

Sunday, February 06, 2005


what a proud mommy am i! take a look at this:

this is my 7 year old using a nifty knitter to make a hat for his teacher's new baby. she has been on maternity leave since a few days before Christmas break and will be returning tomorrow. my heart just glowed as my son and i were sitting on the couch working side by side.... and he say's "oh man, i missed a peg, i'm gonna have to frog this whole row!" ahhhhh the joys of motherhood :)

but alas... my boy is still a boy and the justice league and gameboy won his attention for his free time today... the hat sits, unfinished. but i am determined not to let him follow his mom and go from one project to the next without finishing any of them. so much so, to prove that to him today... i finished up a baby blanket that has been lying around for a LONG time...... more on that tomorrow, i also completed a little pouchy thing for him to put his baby teeth in for the toothfairy (he lost a tooth the other day... again, more tomorrow - i'm against the clock tonight). i also added another entire skein to my sister's Christmas present (yes, this PAST Christmas *sigh*) this blanket is driving me nuts... i'll post a pic tomorrow. i miss guessed the length of a beginning chain i would need and didn't realize it until i was several feet into it. decided to press on and that it would just be bigger than i had planned. wrong decision. this thing is HUGE! hubby also finished up a soldier's hat that i had started on a larger sized nifty knitter. seems like a productive weekend :).

oh, the time thing. my weight control person at the center told me to start going to bed 1 hour earlier than i normally do. i'm gonna try to mind for as long as i can. with that, i leave you, because i only have 12 minutes left!!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

what did I do last week end?

my sissy that lives in (well, near) San Antonio came up for a few days. because of different issues, she was not able to make it up for thanksgiving or Christmas... SOOO, on Friday night, my sister's and our hubbies (and SO) and a few friends went out. i got a sitter WOOOHOOO! we went bowling! i know, i know, we really whooped it up big!

check this out:

yes, i'm all proud! that is the only time during the night that i got all the pins down during 1 turn!! yeah, i pretty much suck at bowling. i think my highest score was a 68!
but, the fashion - ck out these shoes (and my dorky bil's feet)

we left the bowling alley just after midnight and decided to visit a friend of all of ours that owns a tatoo parlor..... i know what you're thinking!
wait for it.....

no. i didn't get a tatoo (i already have 2), and neither did anyone else. BUT, i did get PIERCED!

although it looks like i'm crying in the last picture, i wasn't :)
it hurt a bit, i'm not gonna lie. but it was not painful, if that makes sense. anyhow--- i'm pleased with it.

now, this coming weekend - TOP THAT!!

just a memory teaser.... the first one who can tell me a bit about the necklace i'm wearing --- no cheating --- gets a prize :)


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