Tuesday, September 26, 2006


where does it go? how in the world have so many days passed without me posting? crazy crazy stuff....
and, another year under my belt *sigh

today ...
my 5 yr old was sleeping in my bed (yes, they still get up in the middle of the night and squeeze their little selves between mommy and daddy).....
the alarm begins to buzz from across the room and my sweet baby X is right beside me, patting my face and says "mom, is it your birthday now?"
yes, son. yes it it.

yarn cake

Thursday, September 21, 2006

saturday's sky

i didn't get my saturday sky posted. it was beautiful. gorgeous blue. i will, for the rest of my life remember the perfect shade of blue it was on saturday. you see, i spent 2 hours, staring at it. praying.
J played his first game of football.


30 fathers, standing, a little taller than they were the day before, at the edge of the field, discussing plays and strategies. pointing out their little warriors to each other. behind them, 30 mothers, watery eyed and praying. desperately trying to be supportive and strong.
oh wow... my baby is too big.


looks like the first game was tough on him, too

Monday, September 18, 2006

any day now...

my mail is going to be SOOOO good!

ooooo- why? what am i expecting?

labels! labels! labels! i'm so excited! they are SO cool!! (i got a sneak peek!)
lisa from clothing labels 4U, is awesome! she was so helpful to me, put up with my insanity and indecision. seriously, if you have ever considered getting labels with your own logo/name on them - this is the place to go to!

i can't wait to show you all! can you feel my excitement? oooo and the new website layout is really close to being done---- eeeeek!

any day now...

Friday, September 15, 2006

still at it!

i know i've been away - but i haven't been idle!
once a month, a group of ladies that i hang with get together. i like to make a gift for the hostess of the month. this time, out little swaure was at my friend jenn's house - who is an awesome cook.... SO - i felt an apron was a fitting gift. check it out!

jenn's apron

jenn's garlic

the colors of the picture aren't very good. the red is actually a very deep brick red. :D yay!
the garlic clove is kinda wonky. i googled "garlic" images, picked 2, combined them - then free-handed (obviously. didn't really need to put in that detail) it with pencil and used simple embroidery stitches.

also....still at it, is the whole eating better thing - AND
went to the doc to weigh this morning.... i've lost 4 more pounds! woo hoo! that makes me down a total of 18 pounds! this all started on june 26th so i'm feelin pretty good about the length of time this is taking. not too fast, not too slow

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

my family's sadness

in june of 2005, we got a little kitten, jenny.
on monday, she passed away.

my kiddos are terribly sad. especially E & X. it's just awful. they keep asking why she had to die. i have an answer. just not one for them. you see, my jenny didn't just die. she was murdered. seriously, if this is something that will be too harsh for you skip until the next paragraph...she was outside-just chillin' doing no harm to anyone. someone, at some point during the day between 8 in the morning to 3 in afternoon, some evil, horrible, demon-person wrapped rubberbands around her neck. my little kitty didn't just die...she suffered.

so, what i told my 4 babies is that sometimes, people and animals die for reasons we can't understand. and that this is one of those times. not the whole truth, not a complete lie. because i absolutely do not understand why she died.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

you promised.

you promised to never forget.
have you?

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