Friday, June 30, 2006

magic yarn ball

woohoo! mine came!
i'm so happy :D
it's so PINK! i love it


fun little bucket - which was perfect... i kept my ball in it and let it roll around inside the bucket as i worked and my little goodies began to spill out:
flower brooch, anklet, yarn pin, buttons, charm, and the cutest little elephant tape measure ever!
(the first picture are the actual colors)
the yarn was cascade 220 - perfect for a sophie bag!

i have been wanting to make this pattern for a long time - i finally had the perfect excuse - i needed to knit up my ball to retrieve my prizes!! woohoo
although, the handles (i-cord) pissed me off so i decided a chocolate colored set of handles i had would be perfect. it only needed one - and the brooch is PERFECT on this bag!!!
perfect sophie
i'm so happy!
i also picked up 2 shades of chocolate fabric to line the bag and make a wallet (you didn't think i was going to let that handle yarn go to waste, did you?)!
woohoo - go me!! no pictures yet, as the wool portion of the wallet is currently in the machine being felted :D

the charm which i'm sure she made is soo cute - i love it.... very very very ME!
i'm going to be shipping it off to my jeweler for a fabulous ribbon choker and see if she can match the beautiful stones for a sassy pair of earrings! woohoo! i'm so in love with my package :D


i hope my person feels the same way about hers:
yarn ball sent

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

inspired to create

X, drew a picture of a 2 cats. aren't they great!?!


i couldn't help myself:


detail of the different textured fabrics i used.


i know i didn't add a neck like the picture...i actually made one, it just didn't look right and was too floppy. so i took it off.
he seems to like his new kitty and is quite pleased that mommy made it from his very own drawing. mom of the year. that's me :D

happy X

Monday, June 26, 2006


i have no before and after of this, but it's pretty simple. the top of the skirt was a pair of jeans that my daughter grew too tall for. they still fit around the waist and had cute booty pockets, soooo i took some of hubby's-or maybe some of my sons' (i don't remember) jeans with holes and cut flares .
cute booty
i sewed it inside-out to leave the seams exposed for a fun frayed look. new skirt from worn-out, out-grown clothes. woohoo :D

summer dress i found this dress at thrift for my daughter for something like 60cents. the dress is well, rancid. but the fabric is rad.
hideous with great potential:
sweet dress
i took off the sleeves and ruffles... wow, that makes it sound super simple. it was actually a pain in the butt. do i at least get a pat on the back for recognizing it's inner dress? :D

do you remember grease2? remember the song reproduction? read the title of this post again... there ya go. singing it now? i just didn't want to be the only one with this stuck in their head all day long :D
yes, i am completely evil.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

night sky

sandy has started

saturday sky

it is 10:55 at night here. i know, i should be in bed, but i'm blog reading... anywho-
here is the sky above me tonight.

night sky

black as it comes. covered in clouds with not a moon or stars to be seen.

join in the fun next week, won't you?

Friday, June 23, 2006

birth day

here is a little lamb i made.

i'm not real sure what to think of it. doesn't it look like a lamb on the day it is born? long, wobbly legs.... thin little body. what do you think of it?

detail of the fabric:
oh, and there is one little spot that isn't all that great. vintage fabric + tight stuffing did not work too well in this spot where 4 pieces joined:
i had to do some hand-stitching to give it more strength in this spot and then that started to separate, so... some ugly stitching that is holding. i also added some frayck to help in the unraveling..... let's hope.
oh, and i don't have a chocolate colored pearl cotton right now - which is why little lamb has no face. she will soon.
this is by far the most bizarre pattern i have ever followed. all these different pieces that, in the end, i decided are completely unnecessary. each leg is made of 4 pieces! crazy! and the ears... they just aren't right. i'm guessing it is because i used cotton fabric and not that faux animal fur stuff called for. so they aren't heavy enough to hang. they poke out. which makes them look like bat ears to me.
i'm going to bust out the iron and see if that helps... maybe some detail/hand stitching will help? i'll just say she's a one-of-a-kind (because i seriously doubt i'll be making another- unless by request for cash - hey, they say everything has a price, right?)

i've been considering of an etsy shop......what do you think?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

cleaning up and out

finish or frog has been my motto for the last several days. i've desperately needed it. just too much going on. too much clogging my mind.
have you ever reached a point of having so much that needs to be done, you do nothing?
that's where i've been for a while. i mean, i've kinda done things, but only things that can be absolutely completed in an evening or 2. i just haven't had the mental energy to take on all of my "to do's". but i finally decided this is counter-productive and started frogging what isn't finished that i look at and am either unhappy with or have "work" to do on it that i don't think i'll ever do.

these 2 items have met their end, by way of the frog pond.
multi directional scarf
multi directional scarf
i like it and all..... and i had great fun and learned a bit while making it... but i just don't think it is something i will ever truly wear. besides, won't this yarn make a beautiful sophie!?!

poor kate. there is just something not right about this doll. the pattern is great - i just did something wrong, somewhere. i love it and will attempt it again at another time. but i just know myself and know that going through and trying to find my mistake would be "work" and i won't do it. i'm much better off frogging and starting fresh.

i have such massive amounts of fabric and yarn! i'm really wanting to try and use what i've got. i know there is an official group for this out in blogland somewhere. i haven't joined, just blatantly plagairizing a really good idea.
seriously, it's just plain silly that i have all this excess lying around. ya know those really big rubbermaid tubs for storage? ya know the ones even bigger? yeah, those. i have 5 of just fabric and 4 of yarn. ya'll, that's just crazy. and i'm not going to even tell you about the unspun fiber. well, i LIKE having a big stash of this. i like being able to choose to spin what suits my mood. the same goes for projects.... but really, a smaller stash would fill this need just fine.

Friday, June 16, 2006

only one?

okay, because i have been a bad blogger (reading, but not posting) i'm doing this today, as it seems to be the post to have for the day in blogland (as i'm going through my blogroll, i've seen this 7 times just this morning!):

Please leave a one-word comment that you think best describes me--it can only be one word long. Then copy and paste this into your blog so I may leave a comment about you.

this leaves it wide open, doesn't it? yikes....

Saturday, June 10, 2006

it's WWKIP day!

are you kiping?
knitting in public, that is!

WWkip day

today's the day! get out there and show us your pics :D

Photobucket - KIPing

yup, i'm at a bar. i kinda cheated on kip day. i knew i wouldn't be out and about today, so i took it with me to the ian moore jam last night. more on that tomorrow.

Friday, June 09, 2006

weird kids?

are my kids weird?

so, trying to keep the kidlets happy and entertained and such during the summer break means having friends come over occasionally.

it has just been the most bizarre thing. every one of the little boys my oldest has had over (8-9 yrs old) has not wanted to 'play'. they want to watch tv, play the nintendo or computer or gameboy.... most of them have been happy with the trampoline, but that's it. no cars, cops-n-robbers, sword fights or anything.
are my kids too sheltered? do children not play 'pretend' anymore?
my son is sooo sad about this. he keeps asking why his friends are "bored". it's breaking my heart.
so, here's my fear (because i'm the mom and it's a mom's job to assume all responsibility for everything in her kids' lives *sigh):
is this my fault? am i causing my 8 (very soon to be 9 year old) to be too immature? has my rule of only 1 hour (plus sometimes a movie) in front of the tv been the cause?
i just don't know what to think of this.

i'm excited that today has finally come. hubby and i have been planning a night out for a month. and it's tonight! ian moore is going to be in town playing at a local bar type place. it's a dive really. but a niceish one. he's played there before. we go everytime. i absolutely love ian moore. if you haven't heard his music - you should. he's from austin and plays an awesome guitar. i think he is supposed to play acoustic tonight. tonight will be our 5th or 6th time to see him. i'm tellin' ya, he's great. check out his schedule... if he's coming to a town near you, GO!
anyhow, so my mom and dad are going to watch the kiddos for us. we're dropping them off after dinner and they will be staying the night. woohoo.
my little sister has a second job at Avenue. she picked me up this really fun pair of sassy jeans yesterday. i'm gonna wear 'em out tonight with some silver heeled flip flops. haven't decided on a top yet. most likely i'll go with black (cause i always do).
ya wanna know why sis has a second job? especially when her main one is as a kick-ass surgical assistant? because. she's a good wife. her hubby wants to go to cop school. sooooo, she's pulling in a little extra income to have in the bank for when he does. because the school is a full-time thing. 8 hours a day with no pay. we're all hoping he gets accepted into this coming october's academy.

okay okay, crafty: well, i really didn't do all that much yesterday. i really spent all my time working on the house and such. i guess that could be kinda crafty. kinda? painting and what-not.
oh, that purse that i thought was 'this' close to being done. nope. i'm a dork. i forgot i had a big fat ruffle to do for it. so.... that's on my needle right now. i've also got a blanket in the works with my crochet. but it's a Christmas gift for someone who peeks in every now and again, so no pictures on that until it's gifted.

i almost forgot, i promised faerycrafty i'd put of a pic of my josh:
she has a brand new dane puppy, hunter. you must go see the pics of her adorable pup!

oh, one last thing and i'll quite boring you to death.
does anyone know of a good book that will help me learn some more of this computer stuff?
what i'm wanting is to be able to do my blog on my own, without blogger--- because, well, i don't know if you've noticed, but they kinda suck. they have been down for like 2 days! i was supposed to move over to wordpress and then got all nervous about losing archives and such....
sooo, i'm looking for a book. help?

Monday, June 05, 2006

stuffed bunny

looky at this great little bunny i made last night!


flora face

her name is flora. i just love her.
isn't she sweet! the pattern/tutorial is HERE.

i've also been working on a knit handbag. no pictures yet. it's 'this' close to being finished - and will then need to be lined. and then i'll post pics :D
so far, my kiddo's boredometer (located to the right) still sits at just 1! woohoo for mom! i must be doing something right. it's been a solid week since they have been out of school. we've been crafty (mainly with paper/crayons and markers), we've cooked and played played played.
my dane jumped up and put his front paws on the net of the trampoline and made this hugondous hole! so, hopefully i will get it all patched up tomorrow. then the kiddos will be able to bounce themselves sick again --- and yes, i do mean this very literally. i'll spare you.

i sent out a bagillion packages that have been haning out in the back of my suburban for far, far, far too long. i hope they all begin to reach their destinations soon.

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