Friday, January 28, 2005

and again

i'm going to try and do some more updating on the look of the page... try

the meeting was neat last night. the speaker (helen) showed some of her woven chenille scarves - simply GORGEOUS! i also got a quick weaving lesson from John, it's very very neat, looks complicated though and something i am not ready to get involved in yet. i want to become a better spinner first. okay, that's all for now, i really want to work on other things.
a quote to leave you with:

Maturity is the ability to do a job whether or not you are supervised, to carry money without spending it, and to bear an injustice without wanting to get even.

Ann Landers
(i think i might still be a toddler)

Thursday, January 27, 2005


no time tonight, i have to go to my Handweavers Guild meeting.
no, i don't weave... but it's the only resource of fellow spinners around here.
so i go. look at everyone's creations and learn spinning tricks/techniques :)
funny little side note about my guild - i'm about 30 years younger than everyone else... it's pretty funn :)
'til tomorrow (unless something fabulously interesting happens at the meeting... oh so doubtful.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

needing a title

normal day today, as far as i can remember right now.
went to the gym, then went for my twice weekly weigh in. still haven't lost any more??? but i spoke with the supervisor and she sat down with me. got a new plan figured up and i'm supposed to go check in again on friday. i'm absolultely pathetic... sitting here now, i totally can not remember what we did next. i think we just went home. had lunch. mmmmm salad - gads, the pounds of salad i've eaten... then, bathed the boys, took my early trip to the school, sat there in the comfort of my suburban with 2 snoring children in the back, crocheting as fast as my fat little fingers could go for a little over an hour. i've got this mystery gift in the works for hubby and so can only work on it when he's not around. got my daughter, drove halfway across town, picked up my oldest son, then back across town the in yet another direction to get home --- to what? no good mail! i'm expecting some roving from oregon*trail*yarns. you know how it is when you're anxiously awaiting for an exciting package in the mail. seems like it takes twice the normal time of delivery *sigh*. that's not all i'm waiting for. i ordered a teddybear felting kit from living felt. i'm ready for it to arrive too *sigh* hubby took 2 of the kiddos to their tumbling class and i stayed home and goofed off with the other 2. dinner was beef tips with egg noodles, salad (yes, MORE salad) and asparagus. put the kids to bed and then spun a spindle of this really bizarre roving i've had for a while. it's acrylic pencil roving on this giant red plastic spool thing. i have no idea how much??? i filled to capacity a spool and the roving spool looks untouched. i have no idea what i am going to do with this. i was just spinning for relaxation and to practice consistency. i'm sure i'll come up with some thing for it. recap of my day. isn't it thrilling. tomorrow, i'll do it again :)
so do you feel cheated? you read all of this and absolutely none of it was thrilling or abnormal... not even a joke! you just got poked by a blog

Monday, January 24, 2005

new do

well, i got a new hairstyle so thought i would update my picture with it...although, i don't think i like it as well as the other one. picture, that is. i like my hair better. felt like i was 'stuck' in the other. like i'd had it too long. something funny about this particular hair appointment - i took my daughter with me, just she and i. we pull into the place, Solutions, and walk inside. it is the kind that there are several rooms in one large building and a large waiting room out front for all the stylists inside. so we're waiting and talking laughing and playing around...biff, my hair guy, (yes, his name really is biff) has his door open and i can see him chatting away with his client, but never seeing her. a few minutes later, he hollers (because that's what we do in Texas) "hey rebecca, i'm ready for ya!" i grab my purse and daughter, stand up to go and my sister is coming down the hall ??? huh ??? sorry, i know it's not as funny to you, but totally cracked us up that we scheduled our haircuts on the same day just 30 minutes apart. so she waited and she and i and my daughter went to starbucks and had a coffee. no, my daughter didn't have coffee. she got a hot cocoa. she is only 5. i need to get her addicted to chocolate before we move on to the luxuries of coffee.
as for any crocheting stuff. i've been working on a mystery gift that i can't talk about (she's a reader). i've gotten a few rows done. still plenty more to go... i'm just bored of it now. wish i could work on mr speckles. and now it occurs to me that i have not told you of him. i have spoke of him in town. i'll post some pictures of him tomorrow. or, if you're impatient, go here. i need to learn how to make the words that are links either a different color or something...
Julie, how do you make your words change the way they do????? oh, that reminds me: i know i said that i would post a picture of my wonked out scarf... truthfully, i got caught up in the johnny carson tribute on the tonight show and didn't take pictures. don't let me forget about it. that's it for tonight. i've gotta go sit in bed and do another row on my knitting project... guess i should update that knitting page too....

Saturday, January 22, 2005

can a woman resist beads?

after several days of making beaded stitch markers, and then reading donna's blog, and being still further inspired by the book i have been reading:

i couldn't help myself. i picked up a huge ball of sz 10 white thread, given to me by the wonderful kelly, and loaded it with a hundred or so silver beads. i knotted each bead on individually from 3-5 inches apart. thick/thin spun some yummy scarlet wool and then plyed it with my bead-laden thread. i think it looks great! YAY, me! you can definately tell i'm a beginning plyer (it is patheticly uneven), but i'm still super pleased with myself!

the color in this photo is a bit off... the yarn is a much deeper red.

not sure what is to become of this yarn.... i'm thinking a cell phone cozy for my sister... or maybe a change pouch. something for her, though, that's for sure... red is her favorite color and i think she will enjoy the beads.

wonder if this will full well??? what do you think?

(a few days behind in posting from my soapbox)
sorry, but i've gotta get political for a sec:
for those who decided to protest on inauguration day and deprive our country's economy by not making purchases, gasoline or otherwise....
here's a little bird:

yup, that's an inauguration celebration purchase of 37.9 gallons of gas for my fuel-sucking 4X4 chevrolet suburban at a grand total of Sixty One Dollars and Forty Two cents!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

surprise in the mail

how cute is this?!
one of my sisters sent this to me. i just love it. just so... me!
and the heart is change-able... maybe she'll send me a pink one soon :)
thank you sister, i really love it.

i also received this beautiful bookmark from a crochet fairy
i LOVE it!

went to Cracker Barrel for dinner, surprise surprise - their Christmas decorations were on SALE! so i bought a few of their 'toy' ornaments. i hope to continue to find them through the year and redecorate our tree next year.

how could i pass these up?!?

Friday, January 14, 2005

leave it alone!

just one question:
what were they thinking?

don't they know reese is the perfect candy - a wonderfully delicious mixture of perfectly textured peanut butter covered in chocolate
i just don't understand the logic behind this failure...
okay, moving on: i'm feeling a bit better, still an effort to breathe, but no longer a struggle. so that's good. my kids have been so good these past couple of days, i'm so proud of them. they are doing so well in their activities. my oldest is in kenpo karate, my daughter and 3 year old son do tumbling. they are all loving their activities, practicing hard and taking the discipline needed seriously. i'm a proud mom :) i love to gush over my kiddos

okay, on to crochet. well, i've been working hard on projects i can not show you here. there are 4 gifts in progress to 3 different people... all of whom drop in here occasionally, so... sorry, no pictures here. those of you from town have seen them :)

i'm going to be spinning tonight for the above mentioned projects! oh how i love my hilary!

that's all for now. i need to "urge" my boys into some more cleaning of their room.

Saturday, January 08, 2005


how does a sick mommy keep her 4 children entertained and happy?

she lets them do her hair :)

today i felt well enough to put a hook in my hand and made a hat for my dear friend, sherry. notice i did not feel well enough to photograph it. another day

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

yummy yarn

some oh so yummy yarn i got off ebay -

handspun for character :)

feeling too icky to do any more tonight... but thought you'd like to see it.

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