Friday, December 31, 2004

The Hook

for some time there has been quite a buzz about the supreme quality and beauty of Bill's hooks on the board. so, i put in a request for one and received it as a Christmas gift from my sil. my review? it is a thinkg of incredible beauty and graceful functionality. yes, it deserves that pedestal upon which it rests...

as far as new creations:

i made this Christmas afternoon to wear on my shirt for a party that night.

this is a scarf i made for my mother for her birthday. she asked for one that is pink and fuzzy....okay, that's what i did.

that's all for tonight, i'm going to try to get some other things taken care of....

go check out the YarnSwap gallery to the right ------- >
see all the yummy yarn that has been received :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2004



You are very perceptive and smart. You are clear and to the point and have a great sense of humor. You are always learning and searching for understanding.

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Thursday, December 23, 2004

another day, nothing done

as far as the site goes anyway. oh well - or as my little sister used to say oilwell. man oh man we used to give her heck over that!

do you see what i see? he he he he... it took 2 weeks before he could resist the shiny balls no more. doesn't he look guilty?

a wonderful ELF from crochetville blessed my mailbox with the cutest little chapstick holder - it's a keychain!! how convenient is that?!

that's all for now. MUCH to do!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2004

updating, hopefully

thoughout the day today, as i take breaks from the laundry and cleaning of closets, i hope to fool around with the site. no promises... as the last time i did this, nothing changed... it all vanished. so, trying again.
i'm sincerely asking this of you:
what do you think i should change? add?
(remember, you can leave your comments anonymous - tee hee)
i know the gallery of my stuff isn't up. maybe that will be my focus... who knows. anyhow, gotta get the laundry i folded now needs to be put away- never knew my life was so glamorous, did ya?! :)
hey, how do some of you have emoticons within your blogs?????

Saturday, December 18, 2004

mi vida loca

yesterday was early release day for the kiddos - so they got out of school at noon. what a perfect time to run some errands, i thought - along with the other 325 THOUSAND people that live in this town! seriously, i had to WAIT for a parking spot at walmart! and there are 4 supercenters here. they had to have made a killing yesterday. so we brave walmart because milk and jewelers pliars can not be found at the same place any where else. it wasn't that bad, but the funny thing? i had forgotten that it was "pajama day" at school for my children. so here we are traveling town with my 2 oldest decked out in their pj's- all the way to slippers. it was pretty funny, and we got several bizarre looks, with my oldest 2 in pj's and robes and my youngest 2 in the ever-present superman and batman capes. i must have looked like a crazy person and taking my kids right along with me.
i have been a busy little girl as fas as crocheting goes. i finished a cap for my grandpa:

a poncho for a cousin:

a bag for one of my sisters: (still needs to be lined)

speaking of my sister, here she is wearing a scarf i made her thanksgiving day:

okay, that is all i have time to post right now.... the laundry is buzzing at me-ick

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

secret names and other games

Here is the link to finding your own secret Christmas name. me? i'm Fuzzy Nose-Cheeks - should i be concerned?? how funny.

on the crochet front - i am in the midst of TOO MUCH STUFF!

oh my gosh! my children are making me crazy - yes, i realize admitting this outloud shows weakness, but they can't read yet, so i think i'm okay. it just seems that their little brains don't comprehend my words. they look at me as if to say "dear mother we love you, but picking up the crayons is not something we want to do. we so enjoy the look of frustration in your eyes and the sound of desperation in your voice. is today the day beatings begin?" they're testing me. i know it. they conspire at night to see how far they can push the next day. and yes, i think my 2 and 3 year old are capable of this conversation and are planning an all-out coup - just waiting until there are perfect conditions until my sanity is teetering on the edge........

i have these 3 skeins of "vintage" yarn that i hope to use for a felted bag. the blue and cream have labels are are 100% wool so i'm fairly certain they will work. however, the cranberry has peices of the label missing. i'm going to have to do some research to see about this. it says "moth repellant" does this mean it's 'superwash' (whatever that is) and won't full? does anyone know anything about this yarn?

Sunday, November 28, 2004

failed updating

well, it appears that my udating disappeared - i'm just SOO frustrated. i did a lot of work the other day and it is completely gone. not sure what happened. i'm not even sure if i remember what all i did - man, this sucks. oh well. moving on.

this is a little jacket i made for a friend's little girl as a Christmas gift. i'll be shipping it tomorrow. Chelle's great pattern - again :)

has anyone noticed my scale? i'm all excited. i haven't lost that much actual weight because i've been working out a bit, but i have lost inches! woo hoo!
this is what my "diet" consists of:

not too bad, eh?
anyhow.... more on crochet - i've almost got the other baby blanket complete that needs to be done for thursday. i ran out of yarn and need to get another skein today... oh crum, HL is closed on sunday! shoot shoot shoot and a big sigh. i've got another baby blankie that must be done in 3 weeks - and then CHRISTMAS!!! i've pretty much abandon all gifts that i planned on getting made - oh well. at least i'm being honest with myself about it. i still hope to get 2 items complete. definately the throw for my SIL and the other, i can't say, just in case the future owner peaks in. alright, i need to get for now.

oh, one last thing - i have almost an entire spool spun for my jacket YAY!

Saturday, November 20, 2004


i have spent some time this morning - and will more this afternoon - updating links and pages and such on the main page scroll and click around.
ideas/suggestions/opinions are more than welcome!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

secret pal, i love you!

because i'm short on time - the monsters are hungry - i am just going to post a picture for all of you at crochetville - and will go into detail after dinner!!!

follow-ups, updates, and a picture

about my deaf dane:
thank you all so much for the ideas and thoughts of my pup. he is precious to our family. he DOES know sign language - but he has to be looking at you to follow commands - which poses a problem when he's 'stretching his legs' around the neighborhood! eeek!!
as for the shock collar - we thought about it, debated it, and decided against it - mainly because of my boys. i'm terrified to think of what enjoyment they might get out of the collar (on the dogs, their sister, the cat, each other... the thought is troubling - he he he). we have found some vibrating collars - that are VERY pricey. as running off has never been a problem, we decided against getting one. i know now, not to take him without his leash... just can't trust the pup as much as the aussie that is an adult and very very well behaved. if he decides to run again, the vibrating collar will be our next step.
now.... investing in a shock collar for my 2 & 3 yr old sons..... hmmmmmm
he he he he he
oh, and no, he is not microchipped but has an appointment for one in january.

well, i have updated the Color of Love yarn swap page. which i am all too proud of myself for accomplishing! i'm trying to do some other changes to the 'home' page as well... just taking more time. i have volunteered myself for a few too many things this past week and am spending TONS of time working on those projects - to which i have 1 more thing to go and get them off in the mail. then it is back to Christmas items and a baby blanket that was supposed to be finished by tomorrow - NOT gonna happen. although, i don't think the shower will be for another 2 weeks.... i can hope. speaking of showers and blankets, here is a picture of the blankie i completed for the boy that was born- baby benjamin ---- oh my he is CUTE!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

a fast bunny, a fast dog, and a few degrees

okay first, a story about my youngest - he is 2 years old.
we walk out the front door and start to the suburban... my victor takes off running after one of the many free-roaming-pet store-rabbits in the neighborhood. now, of course, mr. rabbit does not want to be caught by my victor and wisely hides deep inside a bush next door. shoulders drooping and head hanging, he walks to the 'burban. his sad little eyes look up at me and he says "dat bunny fast, mama"
holding back my laughter i say "yeah, did he ran away?" in that wonderful understanding sympathetic voice mommies have. his reply, matter of factly "nope. he go hop-hop-hop"

and now the fast dog: occasionally i will let me dogs go with me to pick up the older 2 from school. the came along today, passers by gawking at the great dane in the passenger seat. when we pulled in the driveway, the dogs bolted out and to the front door... then josh (the dane) sees a squirrel and takes off! okay, if you have a dog that runs when not on a leash, you know my terror at this moment... he has no collar on - because he eats them. so no identification. well dummy, just call him back home, right. oh no, because you see, i don't do anything the easy way.... my puppy is deaf. he's just loping along with no fear and no idea of what is around him. it took a good 20 minutes to get him back in the car! STRESS!!!

and the other thing:
the weather guy on the radio says "tomorrow we're going to feel the winter chill much more than today. forecast shows we'll be dipping down 24degrees. and that's your future forecast, i'm brian james... it's 2:42 at 20 degrees." hmmmm, think he should've had more coffee? he he he he

as for crochet, i finished a baby blanket last night and started a new one today. i'll post pictures in a bit, time for dinner with the family :)

Friday, November 05, 2004

i love my man

just in time:

he knew i was having a bad day.

aren't they just beautiful!?!
what a wonderful man he is. i'm feelin' all gushy.

okay, crochet stuff:
well, i have 2 baby blankies to start and finish in just 2 weeks. plus, get my Christmas stuff busy!!! i'm feeling stressed. i can do it. i can do it.... if i keep repeating this, i'll believe it, right?

okay, that's all for now, because there is much work to be done around the house before i can sit on my rear and crochet!!! off i go, rag in hand.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


welcome, winter! now don't get me wrong, i'd much rather it be 105 degrees outside than see all this white stuff, but, with my new found skill of crochet - i'm fairly excited at the chill, oh the scarves and hats i will make!! we are in for one heck of a winter this year. our summer was SO mild.. i think it only reached 100 or more 3/4 times - if that. where we normally have several full weeks of it. anyhow, thought i would show you all what we had to deal with this morning... gotta love 4X4 wheel drive! an almost necessity on your vehicle around her. spring is wet and warm, summers are hot and dry, fall is cool and windy, winters are cold and icy. ahhhh Texas, truly nothing better.

Friday, October 29, 2004

took a quiz

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YAY, it's friday! nothing too hectic schedule for the weekend, just cubscouts for my oldest... and house-cleaning. it's just gotten out of control. i plan to get as much done as possible today, hopefully leaving enough time to get the living room painted on sunday. today is weigh-in day. i don't feel that i did that great these past few days - i know i haven't been drinking enough water, and yesterday - without even thinking, we all had pizza for dinner - i'm really mad at myself over that one. oh well, moving on.
i still haven't been able to spin. time is just running out on me. hubby found the navy afghan i have listed as one of my top 3 - although, i don't think i told you that it was missing... weird, just vanished. anyhow, it's found again. so i will be working on that tonight. yesterday evening, i almost finished up dot's lizzy hat. almost--- typical me right, well, actually - i ran out of yarn on the very last cluster! oh well, i need more for the scarf.
just for the sake of having a picture up today, here is a purse i completed the other day, in tunisian:

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


yay! i've gotten the pictures that are still on the active page adjusted to the smaller size, i hope that fixes my bandwidth problem. remember that fabulous scarf and flower i received as a gift from the crochetville scarf swap? i added to the flower

and made a cloche for myself to match my winter coat:

the games, the fun, smiles, giggles, tears and screams of pain - i'm so very fortunate to be able to stay home with my fabulous children. at walmart the other day, i picked up this package of 5 buckets with 10 bears in each. we have played the heck out of these things today... talked about why they can't be stacked, how to separate them by color, added 1 'out of place' thing in the different colors for other play, counted, patterned... you name it, we did it with these little guys. they had such a good time

i love watching them learn, and knowing that i am the one teaching, makes it all the sweeter.

also, i need to post this picture of beautiful yarn i received in the yarn swap!

i just love it. see how perfectly it goes with a vase i had?! LOVE it!!

Monday, October 25, 2004

oh, it's a monday

well, this has been my day:
before 8:00 in the morning, i was on the phone with poison contol for the 5th time in my life - all of them concerning my 3rd born - oh he is a challenge, and dragging the 4th one, right along behind him. for just a brief moment (isn't that what the commercials always warn you about... that 1 second out of your life that you turn your back...), i stepped out of the dining room, to walk my older 2 to the front door and give them a kiss bye before they head off to school. the boys spotted the children vitamins on the table, hid under the table, and opened the 'childproof' bottle. thankfully this bottle was just opened yesterday... so i dump out the bottle on the table and count out the tablets, to realize 7 are missing. oh geez, - the bottle's label reads "Accidental overdose of iron-containing products is a leading cause of fatal poisoning in children under 6." what is considered an overdose on these things? surely 7 is not good. stuff like this sends a mom's heart into overdrive. i dial the number - and now i know, for 25pounds, 15 is an overdose. so i sit with them for sesame street and calm down.
at the research center to do my first weigh in of the week, i've lost 1.5 pounds since last friday, so adding in my half pound gain last week, i'm down 1 pound.
unexpected company is always such a joy (yes, i'm being sarcastic). as we are finishing up dinner, my dane lets out several mighty warnings of the approaching trio. it is some ladies who go to the church where my MOPS meetings are held... came to evangalize and bring literature on the church. don't get me wrong, it's not that i'm not a moral & spiritual person... because i am. i'm just not particularly religious. and yes, to me, you can be moral & spiritual without a church home. and then what, my yarn breaks - grrrrrrrrr. i'm actually finishing this up on tuesday morning, because last night hubby had homework to complete and i was mid-post. so i'm certain i've forgotten plenty - basicly it was just a monday!

i have several pictures to post, but i do not yet know how to make the memory size smaller while keeping the physical size the same... so i wait... don't want to lose that bandwidth again :)

Thursday, October 21, 2004


i've exceeded my bandwidth!! i will be fixing some of the pictures and things as i can...

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

did it again

well, i've gone and messed up the boxes (yes, tables... i know) but i have updated some links and stuff - at least i know how to do that. *sigh* oh well.... guess hubby (or donna-- he he he he) will have to tell me how to fix it later. shrug.

and now, tuesday - again

let's see - completed 3 rows on the multi-fluff ghan last night and did a few rounds on this awesome new Lizzy hat by Dot. not really sure what i'm going to do with it. but it is just too cool to pass up. i'm going to ask her to design a scarf to match :o) if she does... then it will be a Christmas gift for a friend. delivered the flowers to my friend. waiting to hear the winner.
back to the multi-fluff afghan - i'm not sure whether to continue with the sunny yellow/happy days stripe pattern or make the center totally happy days and then the opposite corner the stripe pattern again ???
i'll post a picture so i can get your advice in just a bit. i guess that's really it right now. gonna go play with the boys for a while- after their beds are made, of course :)

oh, also wanted to make note that although my scale at home shows i've lost 4 pounds!! wooohoo! i'm going to set the scale back to zero and update with my new stats from the metabolic research center (i cked there isn't a local website, but there is one for the same place in florida.)

Monday, October 18, 2004


okay, well there are a few updates. on saturday, i started a program at the Metabolic Research Center, hopefully, i can get un-fat on their program. there are some optional appetite suppressants and other things that i opted for. i was really surprised at how well they truly worked for me. the first week is a special diet for "preparation" and then after the first week, i'll start some protein drinks... blah blah blah... if you're on the weightloss wagon, you know what i'm talking about *sigh*.
as for the fun stuff: i didn't spin at all this weekend- that makes me sad, but i did get some crocheting done. not a ton.. but a little. i made a black chenille hat to go with my winter coat and the new scarf and flower i received from my swap at crochetville. i'll get a picture up soon, i still have to stitch the flower to a pin. i'm totally stuck on the open fan cardigan from the interweave knits magazine. UGH! i also got 1 row done on the multi-fluff ghan for my sister. and some flowers done for the flower scarf that will be for my friend laura (mommy to the twins - the circle coat and poncho). although, i'm not too happy with the flowers. i am going to take them to her this afternoon and get her opinion of them before i make any more.
how is it that i have so much time to make such a lengthy post? there is a new Little Bear movie on noggin.... woo hooo the boys are interested. okay, well that is going to have to be it for now. laundry calls (doesn't it always?!)

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

another circle coat & mail!

this one is for my daughter. i love these jackets!

i had to get out my winter coat to show you all how fabulously it matches my new scarf!!

carmen (lilhatshack) is the artist

she also sent me a set of "Ewe Devil" notecards and 3 stitchmarkers - only two shown because one is currently holding a stitch in a blanket
there is also a wonderful little flower that matches with a big black button for a center that PERFECTLY goes with my coat!! i am going to get a skein of black chenille today to make myself a cloche hat for the pin to live on!

i absolutely LOVE it all!
Thank you, carmen!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

behind in posting

here are some of the projects i've completed recently:

that's about all the time i have right now. maybe i can chat later.

Thursday, October 07, 2004


okay, so here it is:

what's for dinner?

ewwwwww! well, that's not very appetizing
three cheers for little caesars 'cuz mom's got wool on the stove!

this is the cheviot wool. i scoured and carded it to make little rolags. this is about 5ish ounces of the white wool. i boiled a pot of filtered water with a glug of vinegar and added about 3/4 container of wilton's brown paste color.

put it on low and left the wool in for about 1/2 an hour - cking every little bit for that crystal clear water, because that is what is supposed to happen when dyeing.

blue? huh?? crystal clear, though - just blue.
*shrug* i dunno.

so this is what i ended up with, a deep burnt-orangey rust color-it's actually much darker in person. which is fine. although i wanted brown, this actually looks better witht the wool i planned on mixing it with. everything has a reason :)

so there ya go. my first dyeing experience :)

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

did i say tuesday?!

i totally thought today was tuesday - oh well, tuesday-wednesday, what's the difference?

anyhow, i just saw some pictures of the tri-state fair while i was searching for the pictures of my dyeing experience.... couldn't find those, so here's some of the fair - 2 weekends ago.

me, lusting over the llama fiber

kiddos enjoying a ride

silly goat! this one just makes me laugh!!

ahhh, just found the pics of the dye - i'll post tomorrow.

and now, tuesday

i have so much to update on this thing. i'm way behind in adding to friends blogs. also, i need to start completely over on my yarn reduction - which i'm doing horribly at. also, i've finally gotten a scale for the whole weightloss thing... no, i'm not going to let you in on how much i actually weigh - just the ups and downs of the scale...i've got to give this real effort. gee, where have i heard that before *sigh* hmmm, also started the cardigan for my mom.... supposed to be a birthday gift - dec 22 - just might be Christmas if i don't get something else done for her as well. my dad is turning 50 next month... not sure what i should get him for his birthday. he shares birthday with my darling husband, who will be 30 this year. every 5 years it falls on Thanksgiving day - this is the 5th year. not sure what we are planning. did a great surprise party for my mother's 50th last year... don't think we will do that for hubby and dad. couldn't exactly make Thanksgiving dinner a surprise :-P

okay, back to other things.. this blog - why do my bumper stickers have white on the bottom?
and how in the world do i add a second page?
i would really like to get a gallery up and i am supposed to host one of the cals...

i will be taking pictures of the finished poncho and circle coat this afternoon when they are given to their new owners :)

wow, i'm kinda all over the place today. thinking about projects,,, i sure need to get busy on Christmas! yikes - it's quickly approaching. also, my sisters' birthdays have passed and i still don't know what to make them? i think i just may ask them.
okay, gonna get for now, sesame street is over. my little guys have to get their beds made and the day must begin - no matter how crappy i feel -- ick, this damn bug!

Monday, October 04, 2004


well, i didn't end up going to taos! blah! but, i have EVERY intention of going next year. i had already missed all the demonstrations and classes. they are all done during the week - so next year it's a full-fledged fiber vacation! next year, i'll have more knowledge about the art of spinning and dyeing and such and know better which classes to take anyhow. i'm on the mailing list now, so will have plenty of notice.

on to other things:
well, i need to spin some white for a friend over a crochetville.... i'm behind. i did some spinning of the peacock last night because all of my spindles are occupied, i'm trying to fill one so that i can get the white done for her.

what else??? i almost have the brown circle jacket finished... i ran out of the hot pink fun fur that is the edging. so as soon as i get that on, it's done. well, still have to weave in the ends - ick. the poncho has been started. i still have a bit to go on it. i'm getting there with my daughters circle jacket as well. her's is really turning out great. i'll get pictures up soon. hmmmmmm guess that is about it for now.

oh, and now, more stuff i have to learn - yarn tomato's site blogliness and something else.

oh yeah... i need to get up all the pictures for the dyeing experiment. a little later. i need to go work with my two little ones. we're doing letter H and number 7 today :)

Thursday, September 30, 2004

woohoo WOOL!

well, the 'oh shit' account has to wait - I'm going to Taos! there is a wool festival there every year. it's this coming weekend - i only just realized that. i'm gonna farm out the kids and hubby and i are making the drive. i'm all excited :)

okay, check back later today, gotta go, i have MOPS today, but i did my first dye last night.....

til this afternoon

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


hmmm, looking at pictures... stuff i haven't posted about yet (here at least)
this is a purse i made using basic tunisian stitch with RH grande in brown. i really love it! the handles come off, for one day when i can make more in different colors :)

here is another purse i made not too long ago, it is done with landscapes... i've forgotten where the pattern came from... maybe there wasn't one *shrug*

this is the yarn and handles i used - and a double ended hook i got on clearance for a buck!

here is the finished product after fulling:

and no, i did not think to take a 'before' picture. okay, well that is all i can think of right now. i need to get busy. i didn't do the dishes after dinner last night *gasp!* the cardinal sin in my mother's book.

hmmmm, what is that "cardinal sin"? catholic? hmmmmm, something to research.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

they're back!

woo hoo photobucket is back up.
sorry for my few days' of disappearance - i'm going to oh so gloatingly, post MORE pictures of my birthday present :)

here she is.. she needs a name... just not sure yet. gonna give it a while. i'm so so so in love. i wish i weren't so behind on my Christmas crocheting. i'd love to spend mroe time spinning. oh well....
conned that wonderful man of mine into carding some of my fleece while watching the cowboys' game last night ;) woo hoo. he filled a whole laundry basket with fantasticly fluffy rolags.

okay, i really really need to update my WIP list.... some things are further than the bar shows and i've started more *sigh*

what else? anybody notice the little bumper sticker on the right? i will be chaning them frequently they make me laugh.

let's see:hmmmmm oh, picked all this up to make a jacket for my mom for her birthday....

we'll see how that goes. then, my dad actually chose a different pattern.... so its not from that book, i'll post it when i get started. i've got to finish the 2 circle coats i've got going right now... along with the other 500 things. off i go - need to get dinner ready, think we are having bbq weenies, green beans, and macNcheese tonight... good ol southern comfort food!

Friday, September 24, 2004

finally got the ends weaved in of the triangle head scarf for my friend's birthday gift... now i have to get to the PO... i also need to send her the giant purple mohair rose.

here is the toe of a sock i have started and was finally able to do! YAY! but why am i showing you this very small progression of a sock toe? because i have to frog it!!! you see, i lost the pattern booklet, then found it and now, have no idea what row i am on and my stitch marker is missing to mark the row.... so screw it. i don't even think i'm gonna bother frogging.... just chop the blasted thing off and throw it in the garbage and be done with it! BLAH!

haven't worked on anything today... i had a field trip to the zoo this morning with my daughter's class. it was fun - i wanted to sneak the sheep in the back of the 'burban. which by the way, is fixed. hubby was able to fix it last night. he replaced the starter and altenator and some other junk.... which really is cool that he can do that kind of thing. here's the bad news: we have an "oh-shit" account. basicly, when anything goes wrong, we pull from that account and it doesn't screw our budget... well, thank goodness for that, but now that hubby pulled a little over $500 out of it fixing the 'burban; that means it must be replaced... which means, my allowance is what has to be used to fill the gap - agh! a whole month of NO fun yarn, roving, or wool purchases of any kind. :( i'm sad, but it's the best thing.

gee, i'm so tired... would it be wrong to take a nap with the kids running around? :) can you imagine what my 2&3 yr old boys would do to my house!?! oh my, i don't even want to think about that!!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

more more more!

i know... it's ridiculous the way he spoils me! but you'd never catch me saying that to him :)
looky looky what hubby picked up for me at walmart

and what makes it so bad? i shop for myself too

yesterday was lots of crocheting on the circle coat for my daughter. hopefully i will get it done today in the car while waiting for them to get out of school. but i am soooo freakin tired today... i hope i don't fall asleep.

other news: my 'burban died yesterday in front of my daughter's school. don't know what is wrong with it. either the starter or altenator... ahhh, it's good to have a hubby that likes to tinker. he will be getting it fixed over the weekend. we also have my hubby's el camino that he drives and a 2001 dodge caravan... so i'll be pimpin' the mini-van for a few days or so.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

pvc paradise

yippee (oh man! i can't get the smiley central to work in my posts-bummer)
anyhow, i am a happy happy girl :) that wonderful fantastic amazing (and shall i add gorgeous) husband of mine made me some prizes! woo hoo

what is that? you say? (ignore the ketchup splatter on the wall-ugh!)
why, it's a holder for my massive cone yarns!!

no more wildly twisted yarn - it unrolls as i crochet!! is he a genius or what!?!
and then, but what else could he possibly do to make me any happier? ---

it's a niddy noddy!! YAY YAY YAY ---- for you non-spinners, basiclly it's a thingy to wrap my freshly spun yarn around to make it into a skein.
oh, but this is no ordinary niddy noddy - do you see the bumpy thing? makes it oh so comfortable to hold - the best part of it all? it's completely waterproof. well, what in the world difference does that make? after the yarn is spun you have to give it a hot bath to "set the twist" (keep it from untwisting)- i can just toss the whole thing in!! woohoo woohoo woohoo.
niddy noddys are typically wood and cost around $15-20, hubby made this for just under $3 :) that's how the rich get richer, my friends... anyhow. okay, so i guess that is all for now since the day has just begun...
oh, spinning news - i know i was supposed to put it down for a bit to work on Christmas, but how could i resist making a new skein for my toy?
as far as crocheting goes... last night i did some of the dreaded 'end sewing' did a lot of sewing in yarn ends on multiple projects... joy joy
i also carded a few rolags of the cheviot while sitting in the backyard with the kiddos. it's easy to do while also "watch this, mom" "did you see me do that" "check out my new trick" "see how fast i can run".
enjoy your day, i'm off to take care of some laundry... the boys are playing awfully well this morning... my sanity saved - one more day

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

when the cat is away

the mice will play... but that's okay, 'cuz the toy came my way!

he he he!! hubby went to best buy ALONE this evening.... came home with a new camera for me!!! YAY
i'm all kinds of excited. he also got the extra memory stick for it. it is way way better than the other one-which is still under warranty by the way, just waiting for it to get fixed.

now, don't think i was the only recipient of this adventure: he bought a new toy for himself as well. which will equally benefit me :) he also got the freakin' serious surge protector, the new star wars trilogy dvd set- ick that means i'm going to have to sit through them again, sorry, but i'm not a star wars fan. well, i'll sit next to him and hook a bit.

so anyhow, i went camera happy tonight and will be posting all my pictures over the next few days... i won't bombard you all at once.

ugh, my two little guys are making me nuts! my older two never behaved this badly... these boys just won't mind. the poor little puppy, they are gonna kill that sweet thing. constantly picking her up and lugging her around. i have to first point out that i'm not a spanker (unless they are in a dangerous activity - and i use it for getting total attention). well, i have concluded that little miss rosie is in a dangerous situation with these boys and i have been tagging hineys for picking her up. they dont' care, i mean they do... but then they pick her right back up! i don't want to continue in the booty beatings for this behavior, because obviously, it's not working. and it's not just rosie- it's like they totally don't hear my voice. *breathing in and out* i know it's their age. but it's hard when you've had 2 before them that didn't go through this.
also, i watched the nick berg video for the first time tonight. i truly thought i was going to be sick. not necessarily at the graphic nature of the video, but more of the thoughts i had afterward about the murderers that did that to him. and their complete disrespect for life. i find it truly odd that the actual footage didn't really affect me - wow, what television has done to us. it's when you stop and think that this was real and not tv... that's when it gets you.
leaving you with your thoughts of the state of the world today.

blasted mail

i'm so frustrated that chelle has not received the squares i sent her.... guess i will start them again after i hear from her on sunday/monday. grrrr
i'm also stuck on the circle coat pattern... it's me. just a duh moment. i need to step away from it and come back.
i'm also on the search for a lightweight jacket pattern for my mom's birthday.
can't really remember what i did yesterday... i finished the head kerchief thingy. i'm going to take a pic with my phone i guess... i sure am bummed about the crapped out camera. trying to talk hubby into buying me a new one with a printer and all.....cross your fingers for me.
i've set my spinning aside for a while. i MUST get my ass in gear for Christmas! now that i have discovered filet, i'm thinking about a blanket for my mom. although, i want to get the navy throw out of the way that is for my eternally ungrateful sis-in-law. maybe it's not eternal... last year, she actually hung up the floral thingy i made her *faint*. guess because she couldnt' return it mwaahaahaa ha. i also have the rainbow fluff going for one sis and the red for another. man, doh- and the 63cal for my niece.
for a chic who has so much to do - not including the massive amounts of laundry and dishes 6 people can produce, i've sure been sitting here for a while. off i go

Monday, September 20, 2004

crochet news: i completed 2 more rows of the red throw! YAY! i will be soo excited to get this done. i also have that head kerchief almost complete. i should get it done today.
watched "The Knockaround Boys" last night. it was okay. kept me awake to work the 2 rows. i've been so tired lately. not sure why. anyhow, have much to do today - i MUST get some work done around the house - looks like it hasn't been cleaned in a month, how do they do it???

by the way, thank you AGAIN YarnTomato. She fixed the comment thing on here, so now, COMMENTS AWAY!!

Sunday, September 19, 2004

mixed drinks

i feel like complete crap. my sister is in from out of town with her new fella.... so we all decided to go out and have a few drinks last night. mom and dad watched the kids for us. anyhow, we went to a few different places.........had a drink here, drink there......uggghhh.... what's the rule?: never ever mix your drinks
oh my gosh i know it has been at least a year since i've had a drink of any kind and even then it was champagne at my sister's wedding. i now remember why we don't go out more often. 2 or 3 times a decade is enough!

i did start a new *sigh* crochet project yesterday. mainly because i thought it was going to go really quickly and i was going to send it with my sister before she makes the drive home today. it's taking a bit longer than expected.... but i honestly think it is because of the cotton yarn i am using. it's a filet head scarf with a rose design in it for friend's birthday. i also finished the handles for the pink purse i am making for the babysitter-childwatcher, as my oldest calls her. afterall, 2nd graders are not babies, you know.

wish my camera was working-blah!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

curses and kapooty

curse the comment crap. can't get it to work.
and my digital camera went kapooty. therefore, no pictures of my work or booty (prizes) to show *sigh* and i was so looking forward to it. oh well.... the peacock beckons me.

combing through!

oh man, my joy of being almost finished with the machine washes of the wools came to an abrupt halt today. i move my box of "unknown" and under it was at least 2 more pounds of the oh so fragrant raw cotswald! ugh! back to the machine *sigh*.
i'm still combing through the several pounds of cotswald that has been cleaned. the long staple of this makes it tough to card, so i bought a cat comb at walmart and am doing it lock by lovely lock.

the peacock is still on the spindle... first single.

as for crochet: i worked on the red blanket last night during a movie. hubby calls me over to the couch - away from trying to get this site set up - "hey hon, this movie is just now starting, come watch it with me". being the dutiful little wife (snicker) i quickly gather up something to work on that doesn't require much attention.... go sit next to my lover and then after just 10 minutes find out this movie is scary! i'm not good with scary movies! curse him!! didn't tell me and thought it was quite funny. it did end up being a little more 'suspense' than scare. it was called "the ring". it was really creepy. one of those that makes your tummy all nervous. anyhow, i made it through and spent most of the time with the blanket covering my face and not in my lap getting worked on. ONE lousy row is all i completed!

tears from the boys' room. maybe more later. i have LOTS of stuff i need to post about :) woo hoo

Monday, September 13, 2004

eau de ewe

today is another washing day. yummy. i still have about 5 pounds of cotswald that is in process of it's 'handwashing'. and have just begun the washing of 6 pounds of 'unknown breed'.mmmmmmmmmmmm the aroma. X|
the good news is that all 5 pounds of the cheviot have been washed completely and are in process of being carded. which i have found is very gratifying.... but also takes quite a bit of time. after i get a bit more done, i'll consider dyeing it.

i also started the peacock rovings. i'm trying to spin it thinner and try my hand at plying - yikes!

i need to find some emoticons i can insert in this blog thing --- hmmm.

oh, i'm working on the comment thing, i don't know why the option is not there. but am trying to get it up (and yes, i know they whole thing is crooked - working on it too).

Saturday, September 11, 2004


slowly slowly ever-so slowly, i am getting this website thing figured out. you will (hopefully) begin to see changes as i get stuff done. let me know what you think about it all :)

Sunday, August 29, 2004


well, i am trying to get everything set up for this web site.... i'll get there

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