Tuesday, May 31, 2005

back home!

after a VERY unexpected family emergency, i'm back home --- and glad to be :)
because of the circumstances, i didn't get any crocheting or knitting done. i did get the yellow knitted dishcloth complete before going :) that made me really happy. i've heard horror stories about binding off, so i was a little afraid, but it wasn't all that bad. i definately need some practice... but i'll be making another dishcloth soon. i gave it to my mom. she seemed to be pleased.

for those who are concerned: all is well, i just had to go give comforting and a listening ear.

on the drive down - you'll never guess. we had a wreck. completely totaled my sister's truck. i was driving - of course. i'll post some pictures of the "after" when she can email them to me. for the faint of heart or stomach skip the next paragraph.

we were driving right along, it was about 10 at night, just leaving the little town of santa anna so i was just beginning to pick up speed again.... pitch black highway....and a small herd of solid black cattle decide to cross the road. it was truly the most awful experience of my life. i hit a cow. going about 60-65. there were 5 of them crossing of the highway... there was NO where to go. dead center of the truck - thank God! if it would have been to the left or right, or i had swerved... i can't even imagine what might have happened to my sister and i. there are SOO many things to be grateful for... that we were in a truck, that i wasn't speeding, that i didn't swerve, that it wasn't a full grown bull, that the ranch owners have 'loose cattle' insurance, that the town folk of both santa anna and coleman all showed up to lend a hand and check in on the two city girls that hit a cow, that the chief of police was such a nice guy, the state trooper for driving us to the police station to wait for a ride, the dispatcher of the police station for letting us in the back to watch late night tv while waiting for our ride (coming from 2 hours away). and i'm SO grateful they waited until we were gone before shooting that poor steer. i just don't think i could have handled that.

my sister and i both walked away without a scratch - without a bruise... just a bad memory.
now, the laundry beckons me.....

Monday, May 23, 2005

fashion statement


aren't they pretty? i know you are going to rush right out and buy yourself a pair!(actually you should) yup, carpal tunnel - both hands. suck! my hands starting going numb occasionally as i was crocheting or on the computer a while back. now it's happening at night while i sleep - i'll wake up because they hurt- my hands and arms up to my elbows will be like ice - no blood circulation at all... it's actually quite scary. my hands go numb after just 10 minutes of crocheting/knitting now. so i have to wear these pretty gloves most of the day and night until i get my "custom" splints to wear at night.
so looks like i need some of those fingerless gloves i've never understood. i just have WAY too much going right now to try and make them.... wonder if i'll be able to find anything at any store with summer being here, pretty doubtful. i'm supposed to keep my wrists warm all the time. so regular gloves when i'm not doing stuff and these when i'm on the computer or creating. anyhow ---


my stitches are terribly uneven, but i figured out my purl addition problems and am cooking right along with this dishcloth! it's simple and pretty ugly, buy i'm proud :) my mom just redecorated her kitchen in yellows and reds, i plan on giving this to her and several more... i bought this book to help me learn more stitches, practice, and yet still accomplish something. after all, it doesn't really matter if a dishrag is a little unsightly, does it?!

Thursday, May 19, 2005


first off, thank you all so much for the wonderful well-wishes for my daughter and nannie. both are doing fine. my daughter chose a bright purple cast this time (yes, this time... she broke her other arm last spring).
also thank you for easing my mind about the moths!! i really was freaked out about it.
sorry i've been away for so long. with the end of the school year SO SO quickly approaching, i have not been home much. PTO meetings, teacher conferences, advisory board meetings, meet next year's teacher day, class parties, field trips, Karate demonstrations, my bi-monthly MOPS meeting has been switched to weekly for the summer, and of course now, weekly check ups with the pediatric orthopedic surgeon for X-rays to make certain the radial cup in her elbow stays aligned to heal properly...whew! i think that's it oh yeah, investor's meetings/dinners. i'm really anxious for summer to officially get here and for my babes to be home for a few days just to hang out with. you know, before swimming and tennis lessons start, soccer and T-ball games, track meets and cheer competitions. don't forget science camp, karate kamp, cheer camp and art classes. it's great fun for them... i know it sounds like SO much, but remember, there are 4 and they each do their own thing. it keeps us running. but it's fun.

i have had great fun at crochetville with the button swap. gotten great buttons!!

well..... i had some pictures for you, but photobucket keeps timing out so, maybe tomorrow

well, i started this post last night, got pulled away... now i have to head out the door for the many errands to get done today.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


i have just a moment to post, but i have to!!!

is this going to eat my wool???
do all moths eat wool - or just a certain kind? within the past few days we have found 3 of these buggers in the house. am i infested???!!!
oh my, i totally want to cry

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

for those of you who do not know: i have been away for good reason. my nannie was in the hospital for about a week. i was spending all my extra time with her. then, the day before she was to be realeased, my daughter broke her arm. in a big way. she is now magnetic with plates and screws and rods - you name it. she was in surgery for 3 hours saturday night getting fixed up. she is home from the hospital now, still in pain, but doing well. she has a long recovery ahead of her.

looky what the nurses did to her little doll:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Monday, May 02, 2005

snowflakes for monday?

oh no, i'm not talking about thread today!


my poor impatiens :( i hope they make it.

Hello? Spring? where are you? this is TEXAS?!?
(hehehee ck out my Texas Truck - i love my 'burban! :D -- so sad all covered in snow)

yes, it's dark out. we are up before the sun. brrrrr - it's cold!

yesterday was normal. hubby even mowed. here's the proof on my doggie's feet:
Sally's green! Josh's green!
aren't they cute!?!

i haven't made a thread snowflake yet today. i know i'm supposed to re-do the one from last week, but i don't know... think i'll look at the next pattern and see if i like it better.

the construction going on in the house is driving me mad! no matter how much i sweep and run the floormate, there is white powder all over the floor! UGH - curse the drywall dust!! i now understand why people go stay in a hotel during renovations. before i always thought it was kinda crazy and a waste of money... not anymore!

on the knitting front - i'm no good. i start out with 10 cast on and then after a few inches of work, i have around 20! i know i'm adding them somewhere in the purl, but i just can't figure it out! i'm going to sit down with it and my instruction dvd today and see what i come up with. hopefully i will be able to solve my problem.

well, that's it for now, ya'll. i have to scrub walls in the hall and then start taping the moulding off..... they are supposed to get re-textured today! WOOHOO!

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