Tuesday, April 26, 2005


again, i was able to make my snowflake

Snowflake Mondays

this time i used Aunt Lore's Snowflake

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

so, what do you think? think the pattern is a little off??? there is a round missing. so, should anyone decide to do this flake, do round 4 twice, with the appropriate increases. think i'll give it another go with that added.
i noticed it was going wrong, but decided to keep working it to see what happened if i finished the pattern out the way it was written. but hey, the back of the tree has to be decorated too, right? :)

so, next monday (or tuesday as the case may be) expect Aunt Lore's Snowflake 2nd edition. Julie, are you too proud? 2 in a row!!! WOOHOO

Monday, April 25, 2005


only dropping in to apologize for being away for so long. i have a deadline to meet. also, hubby has been working on several things to make the site better. hopefully the changes will be up soon.3
stay well :)

to give you a decent post to read:

if you are not already a reader, go give her a few minutes, you will be OH SO GLAD you did! this is yesterday's post, by the way...

Monday, April 18, 2005

i did it!!

first things first (because i'm so proud of me):

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

woohoo! the pattern called for a sz10 thread and a 5 hook. i only have a 3 and 7. i went with the 7 and this snowflake is only about 3 inches across. obviously, this little guy is unblocked. i'm going to wait until i have several to do at a time. it is called 6 Point Star found at my favorite pattern place on the web: CrochetPatternCentral. Also, check out the sister site KnitPatternCentral

site news - hubby is really trying to get the gallery software installed. for whatever reason, this has been a real pain for him. as soon as it's in, i'll start getting my gallery set up. i'm really excited for this!

knitting - well, it's just pathetic beyond words. i have decided to go take lessons. there is a lady in town that teaches, $15 an hour... i'm trying to convince myself and hubby that it is an investment. it is, RIGHT? i've been asked how i knit... well, after researching the words she used... i use a sling-shot method to cast on and i hold my yarn both english and continental, with no preference. reasons i feel that i need professional help include: i knit sooo tight! it's hard to get my needle through the stitches. and then, when i drop a stitch or any other gazillion mishaps... i just don't know what to do and i end up ripping and ripping! too frustrating! it's 9AM here, just called, her store isn't open yet. i'll try again after 10. hubby is off this week so i should be able to go in whenever i need.

crochet - i have added a foot or so to my son's rainbow blanket! YAY! ends woven in and everything :) i've also been working on several designs... you'll see soon. how's this for funny: first, i totally jacked up the pattern to the Rose Bath Pouf (don't ask what i did, it's embarrassing) then, i lost the whole damn thing!! ball of yarn and all! i have absolutely NO CLUE where this has run off to. so i had hubby pick up another ball of peaches&cream to start again. yes, this time i think i'll get it right. i plan to give the and some MaryKay bath goodies to my mommy for mother's day.... hmmm deja vu. did i tell you this already? maybe i'm just remembering a comment i made on Julie's blog.

my world - oh my goodness! my 2 youngest are fighting worse than my cat and dogs! it's crazy! they have an all out battle over everything! i let them just fight it out last night while at my mom's. boy, she did not like that. she did not like sitting on the sidelines and letting me be mommy... that sounded bad. only because she didn't like seeing her grandbabies tearing at each other's faces and screaming and crying. she's very good at letting me mother and her grandmother. not to say that she doesn't give the occasional opinion ;)
as i said, hubby has the next week off. for several reasons. we have some serious demolition going on in the house. my bathroom is a shell of a room with a toilet. 'tis why we are at my mom's everyday. we have to go somewhere else to shower. joy of all joys, packing up my family of 6 to go bathe at someone else's house. the good thing is, both of hubby's sisters, one of my sisters and my parents and his dad live literally less than 5 minutes away. yes, we are smack in the middle of everyone. one of my sil's and my younger sister live just a block away from each other. they are friendly and visit each other. it's really nice that our families get along so well... despite the HUGE differences. okay, i got WAY off track. back to the bathroom:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
how sad is that?


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

got a little excited with the sledgehammer. yes, that is the outer brick of my house! YIKES!! it's funny. you don't realize how insignificant a house is until you start tearing it down...

another reason hubby is home: he quit his job!! well, not without having a new one lined up :) now he's a government employee. woohoo benefits out the wazoo!!! you military wives will appreciate this: he can't tell me what he does. how crazy is that!?! i mean, i know "generally" what he will be doing, but i'll never know the whole of it. just to be on the safe side, this is as deep as i'll go about that.

alrighty - i've got to start getting ready, we are heading to the builder's supply shop to buy cabinets and toilets and mirrors and sconces.... oh, the high i get from spending money!! YIPPEEE!!! (that's not a problem, is it? :P)

Saturday, April 16, 2005

on trial

i love my hobbies. i truly do. they give me great pleasure. although, lately, i've been wondering: at what point does a hobby become an addiction, an obsession?
perhaps, i no longer have hobbies... maybe i've become addicted?

Exhibit A:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

seems harmless enough. a little clip light i purchased... for the times we are in the car and the sun has gone down so that i can continue my project.

Exhibit B:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i know i have a lot of yarn, but seriously, how did this happen? ladies and gentlemen, this is not a staged photo. this is what i saw when i went to get a coffee mug out of my cabinet. should i be ashamed?

Exhibit C:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

recently, we took a road trip. my heart went pitter-pat as we passed through miles and miles and miles of cotton fields. i was truly saddened to see the little bits of fluff left behind by the tractors. such a shame to see it go to waste.

so, my jury of peers, what is the verdict?
should i be found guilty, what is my sentence, my punishment?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

i didn't mean to, honest!

how does so much time pass so quickly? it's already been almost a week. no real reason why - too much blog reading.... :) seriously, i have over 100 in my blogroll. craziness i tell you. and i enjoy them too much to cut any out.
okay, so what has happened in a week? my 3 year old son, is now my 4 year old son. i just can't believe it. maybe he'll mellow out a little this year. he will be starting pre-K in august. my kiddos go to a magnet school, so the pre-K is all day, not just a few hours... oh how i feel for those teachers - mwua ha ha
hmmm what else? i had my monthly bunko group tonight... i didn't win, drats! but it's great fun to be with my friends and goof off and have strawberry shortcake. mmmmmmm i saw a thing on tv the other day where someone was making strawberry shortcake and they used a biscuit! what the heck? i've never had it any other way than poundcake.
is it a regional thing?
where are you and how do you eat strawberry shortcake?

i made another needle felted creature. my little sister asked for a monkey - so here he is. he turned out a little bigger than i had wanted... and he has a few flaws. but she will love him anyway. this is my first attempt at making a 'jointed' critter. it's tougher than i thought i'd be. he's not exactly symmetrical. but don't go lookin for his "character" i tried to take a picture where it doesn't show up :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

monkey of another kind:
are you living in spring bliss yet? finally - the sun has come out and we took full advantage last weekend. i planted some little monkey grasses in an add non-concreted space next to our driveway. looky at me in my big brim sun hat... my oldest just praying no one sees me in :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

moving on:
because tomorrow is WIP day, i'll save my crochet stuffs til then.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


so i guess it's time i take this Wednesday Report seriously:
disclaimer: if you are injured during the reading of this post by falling out of your chair (or off your ball - i'm still doing it... are you?!?) due to fainting or shock, i can not be held responsible either through guilt or medical bills, as this warning has been posted.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Charming in chenille for Kaylee
floral scarf for laura
home design
school design
christi's red throw
xavier's rainbow blanket
blue project
mr. speckles
goldenrod cardigan
granny belt
granny scarf
hubby stripe ghan
floral granny ghan
63 squares
entrelac baby blankie
fancy cross for nannie
tan basket
autumn purse
navy throw for sil
wine bottle bag
noah cardigan
stole turned scarf

so now you know the real reason why i never post in Show-and-Tell --- because i never finish anything.
what causes this? is it a sickness? is there anyone else out there aflicted with this disease?

okay, i count 23 crochet projects going that i can currently think of

being thoroughly depressed with this realization, i choose not to go into my knitting or spinning.

hmmm, so a picture for the day? a little bit of productivity - i DID get my "cami" yarn off the niddy noddy and have added it to my stash. now to get the "fire" of the spool and on the niddy noddy and ready for 'setting'.....

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


albeit fraternal!

how did this happen?! 2 skeins of yarn in the very same dye dish... look at the difference!

now what? here is a picture of 4 skeins of the exact same yarn, dyed the exact same way with the exact same flavors of kool-aid. now what? the project i wanted to use these for will definately require more than one skein. but i'm afraid of using these together. don't you think it will create a stripe when i switch? UGH!! so, anyone have any good ideas for single skeins of wool? i'm very disappointed in this adventure. guess i'll have to order some store-bought --humph, not what i wanted to do.

check out my new toy! how fun is this going to be!?! although, i have to say, wish it would make a little thicker cord. or at least come in different sizes.

guess that's all i'm going to post for now. i have much housework to do before the demolition of the bathroom begins. clean it before destroying it? well, i wouldn't want the builder to see it dirty, now would i?

Sunday, April 03, 2005

april fools ... a little late

man oh man, where does the time go?!?
my third babe will be 4 in a few days. he is crazy for all things superman. his collection is massive and all-inclusive. what do you get the boy with everything? yes, i know it is all my fault that he already has it all... but how can i resist those baby blues? yes, 3 of my half-mexican kiddos have blue eyes and one heck of a beautiful year'round tan. back to the question: what in the world do i get this guy for a birthday present?!!

i'm still working on the thing that i can't talk about.
but also working on a design... course can't talk about that either.

so we move on to "Flash Your Stash"
although i didn't officially join the group - as i'm not near the knitter these ladies and gents are, i feel somewhat (okay, a LOT) inferior and am intimidated by their work. yes, there is a great button to go along, but as i was to chicken to join, just a link for you to see.

for those of you who wish to see beautiful yarn, and read a great letter to the significant others in our lives that just don't understand the want, desire and need we have for fiber, go here

so here it is, in all it's glorified mess, my stash:

spinning fiber/yarn combo laundry basket

spinning fiber closet


more yarn

basket of 'need to be put away stuffs

so come on, all. FLASH YOUR STASH!!

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