Tuesday, October 31, 2006


michelle (of green kitchen), you're genius! thank you for the name for my new blanket. and what better day to introduce it, than HALLOWEEN!?!

i give you:

i decided to go all garter stitch, because the straight lines seem to show off the colors well. or, as well as it could be :D
there is only about 2 1/2inches of progress. not much, but it's not the only project i've got going. (who'd've ever guessed that!?!)
my kidlets got to dress up for school today as long as it was a book from a character and they had to take the book with them.
oh they were too cute! i had a raggedy andy and old macdonald. my camera was not charged so i did not get pictures. but, it's charging right now and i'm going to go up to the school and snap some quick shots of them... and then, of course, i'll get in some pics of everyone's real halloween costume. too much fun :D

Thursday, October 19, 2006

it's so, so.....UGLY!


and i mean that in the nicest way :D
as i continue on my use it or lose it mission, i came across a very large fubbermaid tote full of acrylic (red heart type) ww yarns. hmmmmm LOTS of yarn. hmmmmm what can be done with lots of single skeins of acrylic? a very durable and quite colorful blankie!
soo, hubby and i sat down to watch a little boobtube last night with yarn all around and a pair of scissors. we pulled off randsom lengths of random colors (well, i was trying to be aware of adding black more than often than anything else) and started tying them together and winding it into a ginormous, double-stranded ball.
i started a small swatch of it. i did a few rows of single crochet....and then some garter stitch, then switched to seed stitch... and ended with stockinette. i'm still undecided. hubby liked the sc, but i thought it a little stiff... so i am going to give it another swatch with a larger hook.
which would you do?


Monday, October 02, 2006

caught up...

i think.
i feel like i've been playing catch-up in everything lately. crafting has shriveled to nothing, i fell behind in the laundry (*shocking, i know), and the house is in a bit of chaos. but just a bit. i'm also in the midst of beth moore's new Bible study, daniel. whoa! it's a doozey. but it's great. there is homework to be done everyday... add that i started the class on week 3. it took quite a bit to get all caught up - well, i'm actually not all the way caught up yet, but i no longer feel behind.
thank you all so much for the birthday wishes. it was a great day. normal, with the exception of hearing from long-time friends, my sisters and dad singing to me. and my children... ahhhh my children. little "happy birthday"s all day long. they have their moments of sweetness :D

ooooooo guess what!
my labels are here!! they are SOOOOOO freakin' cool!
i am absolutely giddy about them and can not wait to be able to sew one on.
the new web site has slowed to a crawl. hubby has been away for work... i hate it that i can't do more of it own my own. i'm learning, though.

crafty goodness to come.... soon, ya'll. soon

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