Friday, September 02, 2005


another craft pic - here is a hand bag i made:
sweetheart bag
a friend of mine is going to be renting a booth at a crafty place and is going to let me put some things in it.... that is where this bag will go.
i made this bag using strips of satin in red and white, pink RH baby clouds, and strips of lilac fleece - no pattern. it's not lined yet... i'll be looking through my fabric stash for lining that will suit it.

i know i'm terribly behind in everything and my buttons are either out of date, or not up at all *sigh
i don't even know if i've posted that i'm in the sockapal2za this go 'round... well, i am :)
i am using dancing from knit picks for the stretch - which my partner requested..... hey, i think i did post about this- it's all coming back to me know {haze}

they are to be mailed out on Sept 15th... i know, i know - it doesn't look like i've gotten much done...
but i will not be picking up hooks or needles for ANY OTHER (something has gone terribly wrong with this page???wah!) project until these socks are done!
quick question: you see that little indentation in the leg of the sock - where it kinda has an hourglass curve? i'm guessing my tension just went wonky for a bit... so what i'm gonna do is start the second sock until i hear from you all on what you think i should do.
i think i'm going to frog back to this spot and go again...after all - they are a gift - RIGHT?
what would you do?
i'm committed to NOT being late on this swap! so with that, off i go - to begin the second sock :)


ThreeOliveMartini said...

omm the indention ? .. block it out and pretend its not there LOL..

once you are done and have blocked the socks really it shouldnt be there

noricum said...

It's hard with the elastic... gauge changes depending on how snug you hold the yarn. I doubt it'll block out (since the elastic won't pay attention to the blocking), but it won't be noticeable when the socks are on. I agree with you... start the second sock while you think about the first. ;)

Kathy said...

That bag is adorable, if it doesn't sell, let me know. I don't know what I'd use it for, but I would be willing to buy it if it's not sold.


Wendy said...

I don't think I would do anything to your sock. It is barely noticeable (we are our own worst critics.) Also, it is hard to tell from the picture if it just isn't puffed up towards the camera a little, just appearing hour glass. I agree with 3 olives in that after you block it it might not even be noticeable and I doubt there is that much elastic in it that blocking will be a problem, but you can atleast try it.

ck said...

I would totally ignore the indent. Inconsequential! :)

CynCyn said...

ignore it. move on. sept 15th approaches swiftly!! (i made a boo boo on mine too, it's ok).

Leisel said...

Don't frog the sock. Block it. You can also just think of it as additional help in keeping the sock from slouching down.

Jessi said...

Love the bag. And oh to have knit picks yarn. *drool*


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