Wednesday, October 19, 2005

cool clogs

yippee skippee! i finally have internet back!
we are completely (well, almost) moved into the new house. we've been painting and painting and other misc. things. i say 'misc' like these things were minor details. i wish i would've taken a picture of this for 'the record' but didn't. there was not a back door in this house. odd, huh? notice how i saw 'was'.... hubby and his dad spent this past sunday cutting a GIANT HOLE in the house and installing one. just let me tell ya - you don't realize how large a door is, until there is a HOLE in your house without one!!! it was just crazy! hubby had this giant saw and just CUT A HOLE in the HOUSE!! ... okay, i'm over it now (seriously, it was a BIG hole!) so now, we have a backdoor in the utility room. woohoo!

now, on to my awesome socks! i received my sockpal2za socks! and they are fabulous!
ck em out!!

that's about all i've got time for today - i need to get some cleaning done around the house. because of all the chaos in the past 2 days, i've fallen a little behind.


erin/pinkerbell said...

whew!I bet a giany hole would be freaky. Sorry I had been kind of nagging you. I just wanted to be sure you had your socks. Glad to hear you are settled in.

Cristin said...

Are those Naots you're wearing?!?!?
Those are my all time favorite shoes!!
I have three pair (gotta love eBay).
CUTE socks!! I love 'em!
Glad you are well and the house is coming least your hubby has the know-how to install a door - some men don't. LOL Funny how the little things (like a back door) in life give us such happiness.
stay sweet!
see ewe at C'ville

Lulu said...

glad youre all moved in and have net services back..
love your socks..

Anonymous said...

awesome socks! I love red....they look great with clogs. :)

Georgia said...

Well, I would have loved to see some pix of that...Cutting a hole right out of a house...I'll join you in your amazement!

Super cute socks from your pal!

vicki said...

rebecca, i am so glad to hear you guys are in your new house, i would have freaked too, to have my hubby just cut a hole in the house LOL, i know the door is there now, but for one scary moment made ya wonder didn't it lol nice socks lol

Lisa said...

Welcome back online! Love the socks and a large hole in the house would've freaked me out as well lol.


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