Friday, November 18, 2005

good - bad

good news - the playdoh is out!
bad news - the boy gave me his illness, along with both brothers and sister.
good news - we're all finally better!
bad news - my chibi is lost.
good advice - don't put all your eggs in one basket
bad situation - all my needles are in that chibi!
good pattern - flora, such a beautiful little scarflet!
bad pattern - it requires some assembly - all my needles are in that chibi!

okay, enough of that
i finished a gift for my friend laura. it's made with some yarn i spun using some black 30%silk and 70%merino. i plyed it with knit picks 'alpaca cloud' in midnight. when i knit it, i also held a strand of the alpaca along with the black. when it came time to make the flower, i didn't have the instructions with me. so, i crocheted one up real quick - didn't need a pattern for that :)
this project is my contribution to knitting black

knitting black

i'll post a picture of it tomorrow after i have it all blocked and assembled (hopefully i'll find that chibi)

as for crochet, i've got a circle jacket complete except for sleeves. my joann's ran out of the yarn and had to order it from another store. so as soon as that comes in, i'll be able to get that complete. i've also completed another shoulderwarmer and am halfway done with another...although, i did color changes and the ends need to be sewn in. where's my chibi? wah!
finishing the second shoulderwarmer is in the agenda for tonight.

that's all i've got for now folks... 'til tomorrow :)


Rebecca said...

lol, i hope you find your chibi soon. That frustration is familiar to me. I can't wait to see your Flora! I've been contemplating making it to match my new tweed coat. The yarns sound so yummy!

jess said...

my chibi is missing too! it must be off cavorting with yours! hrmph. and I have a sweater to seam tomorrow!

Stacey said...

So we don't want to know what had to be done to get the play-doh out, right? :-p

Hope your chibi turns up soon! Maybe it's having a little vacation Jess's and they're both drinking margaritas on a beach somewhere?


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