Friday, April 28, 2006

painting and puffy puppy

my posts have been too far apart. i know.
behind the scenes there is much going on. not much that is crafty, but i've been a very busy little girl. we are completely re-vamping our home. we have painted EVERY room in the house, including ceilings and i have all the trim-work to go. i did go through the house and take pictures of every room "before". i haven't taken any "after" yet, because i wanted to wait until the door/window trims, baseboards and crown mouldings are painted. the difference is amazing.

i've been attracted to sewing stuff lately. weird. i haven't had the slightest desire to get out my machine in about 4 years and now... i can't wait to get my craft room back together so that i can set it up. soon.

look at my sad, sad puppy.
puffy puppy
something bit him and he had an allergic reaction. poor thing. are you ready for this - you're gonna crack up. the vet prescribed Claritin for him! it knocked him out cold. my poor Josh fell asleep and didn't move for almost 4 hours! it really scared me. hubby is at work, all the kiddos are home (no school today) and here i am freaked out that the dog is in need of going to the vet's office.... my thoughts are how in the world am i going to get this 220 pound dog in the suburban!?!

he's doing much better now. the swelling is about half what it was this morning and he ate.
poor baby.


Lucy said...

Claritin knocked me out a bit....had to switch to Allegra....and I'm not even a dog!

Sara said...

Poor Baby! I'm glad he is feelling a little better.

CynCyn said...

i wonder if he could take alavert instead? it doesn't make me groggy like the claritin.
you have a 220 lb dog? holy bejeebers. i hope he doesn't sleep in the bed!

Jewels said...

Awwww, that poor baby. It's heartbreaking to see an animal hurting or uncomfortable. Glad he is perking up a bit now.

lenise said...

Been there done that! Poor puppy! Our doberman went through the same thing, we think she got bit by something. I remember the vet saying that when they have a reaction it usually goes to their face. *Shrugs* It's scary to even look at!


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