Monday, February 25, 2008

finally, an update!

good morning, ya'll. i'm really trying to get back into blogging.... i'm not sure what's going on.... just seems that my mornings fly by. i'm trying to slow down with all the madness. oh to have the worries of my dog. if you could hear my sweet sally snoring at my feet. she's just the best doggy ever. i'd take a picture of her right now, except that my camera is a piece of crap. i'm seriously in the market for a new one. got one you'd recommend?

great - now flickr is broken. this is pretty much how my crazy upside down world lately. i did a quick search on my computer and found a cute little pic of my sally - and flickr won't upload it. *sigh

moving on ....
i've been really sick, ya'll. just a crappy crappy few weeks of the flu. weeks. did you read that? weekS - yes, plural. my voice is just almost back to normal. not quite, i've still got that raspy - no, not the smoky, piano lounge, sexy voice. more the scratchy, scary growl of a bear- because, oh yeah, that makes all this coughing and my droopy eyes soo much more attractive. my poor husband.

but, getting better.

okay, so it's a tiny, crappy update. but it's here. the dryer is buzzing at me. i'm really tired and i've got a giant crocheted stress ball in my gut. more on that later because this has to have a lid for a while.... believe me, i'd try the therapudic "let's talk it out" if i could.

saying a prayer for a better day for me and a great one for you.

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