Tuesday, October 07, 2008


for real, how much do you love Ravelry?
oh, the way i can list my stash - what yarn is in which bucket. the love
and the way i can list my projects and the yarn i'm using and linky it all up. love
oh and the groups i can join. *sigh love

i know i keep disappearing, i don't mean to. it's just been a whirlwind of sports and yarn around here! i joined 2 swaps (on ravelry) and am having great fun with that. got one of my pkgs in the mail today. yummy chocolate, coffee and yarn from canada.
really. chocolate. coffee. yarn.
are you kidding me?!? swap from Heaven!!!
i took a few snaps of my goodies. now to convince the littles to let me use the other computer to get the pics off the camera and into our house network so i can use it! i know i can somehow on the laptop, but i don't know how. guess i'll have the hub teach me that. it's just so easy on the pc. little magic slot for the memory card.... there are all kinds of slots on the back of the docking station, but i haven't a clue as to what they are for. i know, pathetic.

also, got my fabulous copy of blueprint crochet in the mail today. straight from Robyn herself. little bonus for making the Christin top that is in it. such fun! okay, that's all i have time for now. promise i'll add the pics later. gotta get. the biggest boy has a baseball game. GO GOLDSOX!

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