Wednesday, March 02, 2005

here a stash, there a stash

every where a stash stash!!

dawn asks the question, "What holds your hooks?"

well, i kinda have 'em all over the place. sorta organized.
my 'regular' sized hooks are in a pencil case, save the one i'm using that travels with me. it goes in this handy toothbrush holder (thank you holly).

mu tunisian hooks are in the ArtBin Hook and Needle Case my parents gave me for Christmas, which can be found at JoAnn's... they also gave me the ArtBin Needlework/Yarn Tote! chezcrochet has some excellant tutorials and such for tunisian. hooks and pattern books can be bought at Annie's Attic

my crochenit hooks are in a under-bed storage (along with projects i am ignoring... notice my 63 squares, well only about 13 or so)

all other hooks; afghan, cro-hooks, my TOTC hook, double ended hooks, cabled hooks.... they are in a drawer to a plastic oganization unit thingy.

not asked, but i'll answer anyway. "what holds your needles?"

my straight needles are in an old old case for brass welding rods, which i got from my Grandpa. and my cable hooks are in a tangled disaster in a canvas tote.

whew! i'm all linked out - and out of time.


DAWN said...

My what a lot of hooks you have! I like the idea of the toothbrush holder for traveling!

emy said...

I am trying to *avoid* organizing so that I can keep on buying - yarn, needles & notions.

But organization will come one day; if my hubby can't stand it (grin)


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