Thursday, March 03, 2005

science experiment

yes, i know it is thursday, but what the hay...
things i am interested in completing these past few days

i have been working on chase's baby blanket. i have about 15% of the actual blanket to go and will then need to border it

i also have a design in my head that i have been working out. it is a several step process, i'm finding ---- frog frog frog i'm very excited about it as well. a little hint: it requires fulling, so each re-working of the pattern takes a while. not to mention, it's not the cheapest yarn out there. so i don't really mind the slowness of it.

after putting the kiddos to bed yesterday i spent all my time working on getting the list out for the yarn swap. i didn't get completely done. but i'm heading back to that after i finish here. just trying to get better at making time to post everyday :). aren't you glad ?! :)

do you ever experiment on your children? WHAT?!? nothing harmful, just little tests...
yesterday, i was in my craft room getting a skein of yarn wound on my fabulous new yarn winder because i had made the mistake of setting it down and it became a jumbled mess courtesy of my 2 year old. "mo-om" i hear him calling..."where are you?" "where'd you go?" i hear his little foot steps getting quicker as he is making the circle of the house. passing the craft room without looking in and still calling, his voice fades and then returns again. again making the circle. then 3 year old brother joins in, for the entertainment of it, not desire for his mom. twice they circle the house together...even making it up the stairs and down again. i know this sounds horrible, but i just wanted to see what they would do. not yet hearing panic in their voices, i figure i haven't caused a need for therapy yet. much to my surprise, the search is over. no concern or worry for mommy, oh no, not these two. the next thing i hear - my 3 year old jumping around in the tv room shouting "We're free, we're free!" gee, they love their mom. *sigh* free from what? am i a complete ogre- well, no, that couldn't be. they have a great time watching shrek... hmmm. oh well, i did get 2 giant hugs when i walked into the tv room. so i ask my son, "what are you so excited about? free from what?" with the rotten, up-to-no-good grin only my Xavier can give, "oh nothing" is his answer.

pssst - to my phantom, i FINALLY mailed a very special RAOK off yesterday, in your name :) well, the phantom, that is


Michelle said...

ROFLMAO! I don't think you're mean, I do the same thing to my 2 and 3 yo. I love to watch them when they think no one can see them, and mine have also wandered around looking for me. They've yet to say, "I'm free!" but I hope they do, that was hilarious!

Mitzi said...

Oh, I think it's great that your kids don't fall apart - they sound very well adjusted! And it's just plain fun!!


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