Wednesday, May 11, 2005


i have just a moment to post, but i have to!!!

is this going to eat my wool???
do all moths eat wool - or just a certain kind? within the past few days we have found 3 of these buggers in the house. am i infested???!!!
oh my, i totally want to cry

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for those of you who do not know: i have been away for good reason. my nannie was in the hospital for about a week. i was spending all my extra time with her. then, the day before she was to be realeased, my daughter broke her arm. in a big way. she is now magnetic with plates and screws and rods - you name it. she was in surgery for 3 hours saturday night getting fixed up. she is home from the hospital now, still in pain, but doing well. she has a long recovery ahead of her.

looky what the nurses did to her little doll:

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Julie said...

That is not a clothes moth. See pictures here:

So sorry to hear about the broken arm. My mom did a similar number on her leg about 6 weeks ago. She had surgery, screws and rods installed... a week in the hospital for that, transferred to rehab facility for 2 weeks.. then home with a wheelchair and trasnport to rehab.. at this point she is just now able to do partial-weightbearing exercise which means she can use a walker a bit and is out of the wheelchair at least a little. I spent a week in Texas helping and sisters have each taken a turn. She's got an old friend staying with her at the moment. Fun stuff, argh.

Michelle said...

EEk! Yucky bug.

Sorry to hear about your daughter and nanny. Glad to hear your daughter is home now! I had a compound fracture in my are when I was 11, no plates and rods for me though, just a looooooong recovery and scar where the bone came thru. Ugh! Good luck to you!!

Jewels said...
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Jewels said...

oh your poor little girl!! Hugs to her from Canada - tell her I adore her little doll...nice nurses too.

Chie said...

OMG, Rebecca! I'm so sorry to hear about your family members' medical emergencies! I know how not fun for ones who suffer, but I also know how painful to watch your loved ones suffer too. I hope they recover quickly!

Karen said...

I can't remember what kind of moth that is, but I do know it's not a clothes moth. We used to get those every summer at our old house. I just hated those things - blech!

So sorry about the health stuff with your daughter and nanny. I liked what the nurses did for your daughter's dolly - so sweet! Hope everybody's doing better very soon.

Rosesandtea said...

I hope your grandmother and daughter are both improving! Looks like you got some good reassurance re the moths!

~drew emborsky~ said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter and the nanny. I hope they both recover quickly!

Colette said...

Hope your daughter is feeling better soon.

Lulu said...

oh my god, poor baby, hope her arms heals quick and easy..Big hugs to her..Hope the nanny is ok..
yucko on the bugs..i detest bugs..

KarenC said...

Just came across your blogspot during a Saturday afternoon wander. We have a very similar looking moth here in Victoria, Australia called Bogong Moths named after Mt. Bogong in the Victorian High Country where they like the cool. We often have clusters of them here in Melbourne but so far they seem to be quite harmless and although I often find them among my clean washing when I am folding and ironing, they don't seem to ever cause any harm, I just think that, like me, they like the smell of clean washing. I am a serious textile floosie and heaven knows, there's more than enough fodder in my house if they ever wanted to move in seriously.

Leisel said...

Where do you live?

This looks suspiciously like the miller moths we get every summer here on the eastern side of the front range in Colorado... I think they fly in from Kansas.

I've never heard of miller moths being a problem as far as eating clothes, but they are a total infestation. for at least 2 months out of the year (and they should be here soon), I can't keep them out of my house. They're insidious, and find all sorts of ways in.

The worst part about the millers is that they dive bomb at you. They're not after you persay, just flying down from the lights, and then back up at the lights, and around and around the lights... but the effect is being dive bombed.

Jessi said...

Well, at least it isn't a clothes moth!!! I hope that your nannie and daughter both recover soon. I know how hard it is to have hurt/sick kids. You feel so awful for them. Take care of yourself too and good luck with everything. Hugs!


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