Friday, August 05, 2005

it's all green.....

woohoo! i received a fan-tab-u-lous RAOK in the mail :)
it's all green yarn with some goodies to boot!
i have a very fun, very special project that i am working on that requires many sizes, shades and amounts of green yarns. but, i can't tell you any more than that. sorry charlie.

green RAOK

she also sent a snowflake bookmark and a notepad shaped like a sheep :)
LOVE it!!

and a wonderful knitted cat toy - that my critters have gone mad for... SOOO funny. even the fat old one that enjoys nothing but food, rubbed and rolled with this toy for a few minutes. hey, any kind of movement from this guy is x-treme



well, the move to the new homestead has slowed down considerably... because of a few different things:
more work of the house than we originally thought - not at all complaining... dude, it's a free house!

oh - hey! what's that i see coming over yonder hill on his white errr.. well, it's no stallion, but it is a chevy! Prince William. okay, not THE prince william, but william none the less and he is the Prince of Plumbing!
yes you are reading right... we are once again back in the year 2005 with running water and able to flush the toilet without the assistance of my neighbor's waterhose.
after several hours of hubby and i in the backyard with shovels resulting in a sixfeet long 4 feet deep trench, the water "leak" (flood) was found. the next morning my wonderful plumber william showed up, nodded and said "yup, ya found it" - that's plumber speak for "as soon as i get back to my truck, i'm laughin' out loud at the thought of you two out here diggin' in the mud in this heat!"

but hey, a girl's gotta do what she can to save a hunk'o'cash... ya know!? and besides, it wasn't all done in the heat of the day... because (oh yeah) it wouldn't be an official adventure if it didn't involve flashlights, right!?

alrighty guys and gals - that's about it from me tonight... tomorrow is cake and ice cream to celebrate the birthdays of 2 of my sons that have long-since passed.... but now the tonsilectomy has healed and we are ready to go!

oh my - has anyone else had one of their children have their tonsils removed? was their breath beyond description?!? the doc assured me this was normal - but OHHHH... truly, gag


Kathy said...

Yes, post tonsillectomy breath is truly one for the record book, it puts morning after dragon breath to shame. Trust me, this too shall pass.


Julie said...

Oh man, I can just picture you digging like crazy, desperate to find the problem so it could go away. hehehehehehe Sometimes, no matter how irritating it can be, I'm so glad we still rent.

Mitchypoo said...

I had to tell you that i have a cat that looks very much like your black and white. He's maybe a little more white with black but same color eyes. His name is Tom Thumb, he is a polydactyl, is yours too? Love your blog, funny and very nice!

Lisa said...

Trench digging and tonsils? Sheesh you are busy! Good luck with everything.

Anonymous said...

How many cats do you have? I can send some more cat toys, and the pattern, too; if you knit. (I thought you did- or were trying to learn.)
I have never had a tonsillectomy, or any of my kids. I hope everything heals well! (And the smell goes away!) ;)

An Anonymous RAOK'er hee hee hee

ladylinoleum said...

Well girlie, I totally get what you're goin' thru. We just renovated and moved. Sucked. Get this though, after we moved in, major flood and ceiling has caved in the guest bath. Grrrreat! Condo livin' is fun!

Jessi said...

Great Raok is right! Can't wait to see the mystery project. That really sucks about diggin in the trenches, but yep, it's a bonus that its free house. Can't beat that price. Good luck with everything, including tonsillectomy breath!

Flourish & Blotts said...

Cute kitties! -Flourish

justcinful said...

My oldest had her tonsils and adenoids out. And yeah, it is beyond description. Lol.


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