Monday, October 02, 2006

caught up...

i think.
i feel like i've been playing catch-up in everything lately. crafting has shriveled to nothing, i fell behind in the laundry (*shocking, i know), and the house is in a bit of chaos. but just a bit. i'm also in the midst of beth moore's new Bible study, daniel. whoa! it's a doozey. but it's great. there is homework to be done everyday... add that i started the class on week 3. it took quite a bit to get all caught up - well, i'm actually not all the way caught up yet, but i no longer feel behind.
thank you all so much for the birthday wishes. it was a great day. normal, with the exception of hearing from long-time friends, my sisters and dad singing to me. and my children... ahhhh my children. little "happy birthday"s all day long. they have their moments of sweetness :D

ooooooo guess what!
my labels are here!! they are SOOOOOO freakin' cool!
i am absolutely giddy about them and can not wait to be able to sew one on.
the new web site has slowed to a crawl. hubby has been away for work... i hate it that i can't do more of it own my own. i'm learning, though.

crafty goodness to come.... soon, ya'll. soon


sherry said...

You are a label tease! I won't tease you about erratic posts though, because that would be the pot calling the kettle black.

Catrina said...

Can't wait to see those tags :)

Rosesandtea said...

just catching up on blogs, haven't been by in a while. Happy belated Birthday! I love the yarn cake, very cute.


Sheryl said...

I'm new to your blog. I'm searching out crochet blogs and found you on the blog roll. I just had to write after reading through several posts, including the story about your kitten. It is so hard to believe that anyone could do something so awful. I love crochet and all things fiber. I'll be back!

Lenise said...

I want to see :)

Mimi said...

Hi, I've been wondering why I havent seen your blog on my bloglines feeds for quite sometime.
The yarn cake is so cute! and the labels are cool...wonder if I could order some...

Karla said...

I did the Daniel study, too! I loved it overall, though I disagreed with the second half of the study, the prophecy part. It started off agreeable enough, but then one mis-step and everything that follows is confusion. But I'm just one of those who follow the "other scholars" teachings. I give Beth Moore credit for often telling her students that although she is teaching prophecy as she believes it, there are many excellent scholars out there that disagree and see it differently and she encourages everyone to study for themselves. Don't just take her word for it, she says. She will be teaching from her belief system, just as I would teach from mine, or another would teach from their perspective. So I was very impressed with her repeated encouragements for her students to study other interpretations and viewpoints. I don't know how many heard that or will heed it, but I hope many will do that whenever hearing prophetic interpretations or in any serious Bible study.

She's a great teacher, however, and I love doing her studies. Can't wait til our church does the next one!

Good to "see" you again in Blogworld.

kalurah said...

Oooooh! how do your labels look?
I'm looking all over the place to find some for my shoppe! did you have any graphics put on them?


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