Thursday, October 19, 2006

it's so, so.....UGLY!


and i mean that in the nicest way :D
as i continue on my use it or lose it mission, i came across a very large fubbermaid tote full of acrylic (red heart type) ww yarns. hmmmmm LOTS of yarn. hmmmmm what can be done with lots of single skeins of acrylic? a very durable and quite colorful blankie!
soo, hubby and i sat down to watch a little boobtube last night with yarn all around and a pair of scissors. we pulled off randsom lengths of random colors (well, i was trying to be aware of adding black more than often than anything else) and started tying them together and winding it into a ginormous, double-stranded ball.
i started a small swatch of it. i did a few rows of single crochet....and then some garter stitch, then switched to seed stitch... and ended with stockinette. i'm still undecided. hubby liked the sc, but i thought it a little stiff... so i am going to give it another swatch with a larger hook.
which would you do?



Lenise said...

Yey! How wonderfully tacky! I would love to do more with Red Heart yarn but it just feels so icky. I still love it though. I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and just stared at the new colors. I can't wait to see your blanket when your done.

Kari said...

Definately NOT SC with a smaller hook!!! It would end up being way to stiff. Trust me. If you can find a hook size that you could do it with that wasn't as stiffI think it would be ok but I think garter stitcj would be better. Guess it's just a matter of whetehr you want to knit or crochet it.

and I must say omg... thats so funky and tacky and I love it lol

Green Kitchen said...

You might want to call it Frankenyarn. ;)

Cathy said...

Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog... I love comments.

That is a very creative way to use up the acrylic yarn. Whatever you do, it should be loose. Don't do seed stitch, that will drive you crazy on a blanket (although it would probably look great as a border). I can't wait to see the finished blankie!


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