Wednesday, November 28, 2007

citrus and reptiles

so - what does it mean about your family/household if there is enough laundry to create an entire large load in orange and another in yellow!?!

holy cow, i'm pretty sure my kids have too many clothes - well, except for the girl, of course. because, you know, a girl can never have too much to choose from. especially her shoes. we'll save that count for another day.

on to me
my name in lights:

turtle sweater

robyn is an excellent designer and is simply awesome to work with - or for, as my case is. (more to come on this topic- shhhhhh)

yes, yes, the little model is very cute.....

but let's be honest, mine is cuter! (disclaimer: i'm the mom!)

X modeling

so, you see, i have been busy. just in secret.

i know my site has gone all bizzarro. not sure where some posts went... and i'm suddenly back to my old set-up. huh? i dunno. hubby is going to give it a peek hopefully tonight after work. not sure if i'm going to be switching it back, though. i was never really able to get my go daddy blog host posting to work. it always gave me errors - that is, of course, if i was even able to log in. i know blogger has it's problems, but i know how to use it. and i'm not uncomfortable working in the behind the scenes stuff - and trying to do that with my go daddy blog - just yuck.
yup, i think i just convinced myself. going back to my blogger hosting.

what changes would you like to see? what do you think i should do differently or keep the same? hmmmm? truly, i'm interested.

yes, turtles are reptiles and not amphibians. i asked.

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