Monday, July 11, 2005

misc. blather

i have a tiny little project that i need to block. i'd like to stiffen it a wee bit as well. what is the best way to do this? any suggestions or on-line resources?

i worked on another knitted dishcloth for my mother last night.. although didn't get much at all done. we're on 4:00-5:00pm of the 2nd series of 24... OMG! i LOVE this show. we watched the first series in regular time during the actual season... somehow missed the first 3 episodes of the 2nd... we're just now catching up. if you haven't seen these yet...definitely a must!!

watched another movie the other day. i'll work up a critique on that later. it was The Forgotten. have you seen this? ick - it was bizarre, good, but weird.

woohoo - the man next door backed into his drive-way with a Uhaul today! my neighbors are moving! why am i happy? several reasons. they are LOUD - weird - LOUD at like 3 in the morning LOUD, they have a 7 year old son that would never come play...isn't that just bizarre? my neighbor on the other side has 4 kidlets,2 doors down 1 kidlet, my 4 kidlets.... that's a whole lotta kids out playing - we always invite him(through the fence), he'd accept and then never show. just weird. don't know if he was shy or if mom said no. and (i'm going to get grouchy mail over this) they have a pit bull that they allow to sit on their front porch. although i will never own this kind of dog, i had nothing against this one... until it attacked the postman. from then on... anytime it's out, i have to make my kids come in or go in the backyard. he went after the postman when he was in my yard, by the way, not his... so i worry about what he considers to be "his" property and i'm scared about him seeing my children as a threat or prey. just a scary breed.

so i'm cleaning the bathroom today and a thought occurs to me. everyday hubby comes home from work, i ask his day went and he asks about mine. "what'd you do?" course, i can't ask him (gov't security and all that).... anyhow... here i am, in my ratty headband 'comfy clothes' --
come on, you all know THOSE kind of clothes that i'm talking about, right? hole in the butt shorts with paint splatters, too stretched out elastic, a bra that has definitely seen better days, a t-shirt worn so thin (why-even-bother?), no make up and my favorite blue rubber gloves. so here i am, scrubbing the toilet (yes, literally) thinking to myself...."how am i going to answer this question today?"
there is nothing at all positive about the answer "scrubbed the pot" i know he knows it gets done... but this just isn't something i want him to picture me doing.
of course we did other things today, but this was my thought at the moment.

go help maureen out - she's made 2 sweaters and is on the fence as to which to gift... give her your opinion

so how will i answer?
"oh, i blogged and read blogs, jumped on the trampoline with the kids, we read some books... you know daily stuff"

so, what'd you do today?


noricum said...

Question: in Canada, if a dog bites a person, the dog gets put down. I'm pretty sure that's what happens. Is it different in the US?

Vanessa said...

First time reading your blog (linked through Laurie) and I LOVE that you use the term "kidlet"! My family has always used the terms kidlet, dadlet, momlet, etc. I was completely unaware that this was a widely used term.
And your dog is so cute!

ladylinoleum said...

Love 24 too...I am a total 24 junkie.

Cindy said...

I use "Stiffen Stuff" that I found at Walmart (comes in a spray bottle) to stiffen smaller projects. Just spray it on, blot, and let it dry. Works great.

I absolutely love 24. Everyone knows not to bother me when it is on tv.

Karla said...

Well, what is that "tiny little project" that you need to block? ;-) I've heard that Stiff-n-stuff is good. I think I bought a bottle of it, but just haven't used it yet. I need to learn how to stiffen thread projects, too.

I have seen "The Forgotten" and yes, it was bizarre. I don't really enjoy watching movies that I don't at least believe in the "possibility" of what happened happening. Did you get that? Well, alien abductions I don't believe in. So to discover that that was the demise of her lost son...nah. Ruined the whole mystery for me. And now I've ruined the movie plot for anyone else who wanted to see it! Sorry. But it was a bit strange.

As for the pit bull, I don't think you're gonna get grouchy email from anyone. I've heard enough news stories about that breed of dog to realize that in general they can be a very aggressive breed and are even trained to be in some cases. I've heard/read enough horror stories of children being attacked and killed by that breed moreso than any other. Perhaps they just don't always report the breed in the stories unless it's a pitbull. But still. You're justified. I would be glad to have that dog out of the neighborhood. What concerns me is that he's freely sitting on your neighbor's porch without any restraint. I mean if he's going to run after the postman (in YOUR yard!) then he especially needs to be fenced in or on a leash outside! Some dogs can sit and walk around a neighborhood where children are playing with no problem, but if they're aggressive, there's no room to fool around. They need to be restrained while outdoors. I think you're VERY SMART to keep your children inside when that dog is outside. I can see why, besides the noise, that you're glad your neighbors are moving.

Funny how you wanted to think about what sort of answer to give your hubby when he asks what you did today. What, you want him to think it's glamorous to be a homemaker and a mother to 4 children??? "Well, dear, today the children and I baked cookies, played games for hours, had wonderful conversation about just stuff they think about, and we jumped on the trampoline and swung on the swing and did cartwheels, too! They did all their chores without complaint and we easily got the house cleaned today. They were so pleasant with each other all day and never had an unkind word to say to any one of themselves! And they were so sweet to me, too! Minding me and just taking care of me, keeping my tea glass filled and making sure my pillows were fluffed when we all layed down for a nice rest." Oh, sorry! I was dreaming! I just wasn't standing over the toilet bowl with a brush like you were! ;-)

Tina said...

Ditto, Karla! :) (The answer to the husband thing...)

Where I live, it's a law that your dog be on a leash/ chained up, if it's outside. I wouldn't worry, either, and would be SO glad to get that dog out of the neighborhood. (Sounds like... the neighbors, too)?

Andrea, we had to put one of our dogs down because it bit one of our kids. And we live in US. (Believe me, it was either put the dog down, or kill it with my bare hands after it bit our son!) I told the cop who was helping me, "Just shoot it" (eyeing his gun.) He looked at me funny, but then, when he was trying to put him in the animal control truck, the dog bit HIM on the hand, and drew blood. I said, "See, I was not kidding when I said 'shoot him'."

I love reading your blog, Rebecca! :)

Stacey said...

Loud neighbors are the worst! We had some diagonally across the street from us for about two years. We're on the main street through a small town (maybe 3000 people tops), and these people would be out at 2:00 AM playing basketball in the middle of the street. In the middle of main street. BOUNCE-BOUNCE-BOUNCE. 2:00 is my bedtime and it drove *me* nuts; I can only imagine how people who have to get up early felt!

Karla said...

Rebecca, me again. I was thinking of you standing over "the pot" contemplating what you were going to tell your husband when he asked you "What did you do today?" I read it to hubby 'cause I thought it was funny. You know, how the bathroom gets cleaned, and he knows it gets cleaned, but you don't want him to visualize you "scrubbing the pot". I thought out loud to hubby..."After 4 children, he still hasn't seen her clean the bathroom?" You know what DH's comment was?

"Obviously he never cleans the bathroom."

(LOL) Well, it was funny at the time he said it.


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