Thursday, July 07, 2005

wher've you been?

yeah, i know it was me that's been missing - sigh

just been busy. how do you everyday posters do it? i'm thinking you cheat. have a posting vault somewhere hidden in the corners of your computer... that's it, isn't it!?! hmmm.... sounds like something i should do :)

what have i been up to? well, LOTS of stitching for my kitchen and bathroom swap pal.
Crochetville Kitchen and Bathroom Swap

i went to the knitting group and got lots of one-on-one by the wonderful Melisa who taught me how to knit & purl continental. it's coming along. my purls are still very loose, but i'm figuring it out. i really enjoyed my time with her. we had great things in common and i'm very excited to meet up with her again :)

a little project i knit:

little lamb
it came from "Kids Easy Knitting Projects"
yessir, i'm using a book for kids! hey, beginning projects for a beginning knitter :)

i've been working on fulling (felting) swatches and have become too ticked off to mess with it for a while. well, maybe more this afternoon. i wish i could get better wool yarn locally HUMPH!

i have dyed several more batches of wool. i'm very pleased with how it is all turning out. i will hopefully be borrowing a drum carder from a lady i know in a week or two to begin blending and carding all my fluff. the fair is coming up and i'm considering entering my spinning...... thinking about it.

i'll leave you with a picture and some advice:

if you plan to be away during the 'bangs' and 'booms' of a 4th of July celebration - kennel your dogs. it's scary for them --- and they'll take it out on your handbag, well- mine did :(

once a really cute bag

i'm pretty sure it was this one: joshy
looks guilty, don't ya think?


Anna said...

Your doll looks great!

What really helped me get the tension correctly when purling continental was to make a scarf that was k2 p2. The changing from knit to purl in continental helped me get the hang of it. By the time I finished the scarf, it was no problem anymore.

Happy knitting!!

noricum said...

Cute sheep!!!

Man... that dog sure did a number on that bag!

Eva said...

Guilty, but super cute! I love the speckled nose! :)

ladylinoleum said...

Yeah, how do those everyday posters manage it???

withahook said...

Maybe guilty, but definitely adorable!! :o)

Jewels said...

I think your doggy is pointing to the little sheep you knit...yup - the sheep did it, he witnessed it. hehe

Lady Wyntir said...

YAY!!! it's a lamby! so cute, i love sheep dolls!

keep up the great work. i crochet, but my sister knits. we'll probably keep it that way, hee hee

Allena said...

oh not your poor bag! i love that lamb it's sooo cute!

Stacey said...

Your sheep is adorable! I still can't purl, or rather I can, sorta, but it looks awful and I gain or drop stitches without realizing it...

He does look guilty :-) But so cute!

Maureen said...

Thanks for stopping in at my blog. I do love that sheep you made! Very cute. I highly support using kids books first... for everything! Love the pis of your pets too!

Karla said...

Hey, Rebecca! It's been awhile since I left a comment on your blog so here I am!

Very cute about the "post vault" idea...wouldn't THAT be nice. I wonder, too, how some people can get online everyday to post...I'm thinking it's something more simple...NO CHILDREN AT HOME! (lol)

My daughter Kelley (7) was reading your post with me and I explained to her how your dog tore up your handbag...she laughed at your "looks guilty, doesn't he?" and said "yeah, he's got black spots all over him!" You know, black from your handbag.... interesting perspective, huh?

And no problem about using a book for children to knit...everyone's a beginner sometime. I'm still a beginner. I used an html tutorial for kids (LissaExplains) to learn html and it felt perfect. So I'm sure a knitting book for kids is perfect, too. Love your Sheep!

How cool that you've been stitching for your Kitchen and Bath Swap pal...I wonder who SHE is??? ;-) Shame you didn't put a picture on your blog of what you've been stitchin'.... (hee hee) I just wanna peek!

Lulu said...

hey woman, glad to see you...
lovely sheep...
suprisingly my doggie is not scared of the fireworks...all was well...
dont stay away so long..:-)

carmen said...

RIP handbag - you were a good and faithful servant!!!

Love the sheep, but especially love the purse killer - how could you ever refuse a face like that!!!

sister said...

I don't buy it. Josh (the cute doggie) is deaf. So if the destruction is the result of fear from fire works.... it had to be the sweet sally. But however I do know mr josh and he is probably the culprit, but probably not due to fireworks :) I got the pic of the sheep the other day on my phone, I thought you crocheted it. Good on you for knitting it!!!!


Leah said...

ITs a EWE. LOL very cute. My dog chewed up one of my crochet BOOKS. What is it with these dogs and their crafts. LOL


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