Tuesday, July 12, 2005


oh no! Oh No!! OH NO!!!
HOLY CRAP! i totally screwed up the bathtub!
the cleaner i used on the toilet yesterday made it so white and sparkly - i thought oooooo, i'll do the tub. bad. BAD. apparently you should READ the 'General Precautions and Restrictions' before the use of cleaning products.

this: Image hosted by Photobucket.com
will do this to your tub: Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

all the parts that are white are nice and bright white - but ummmm.... it feels like sandpaper. the rest of it is this pale grey-blue color. what do i do!?!
this shit ate the enamel off my tub!!

here's the thing: this bathroom was remodeled about 2 months ago. completely gutted. down to the studs and subfloors... and now the bathtub will take the skin off the tender butts of my kidlets!

so, what'd you do today?


Kathy said...

Maybe you can crochet them little butt protection pads for the bottom of the tub? Seriously, you may need to get the tub re-enameled. I hear it's possibly, but if not, a new fiberglss tub may be necessary.

noricum said...


Um... well, at least you won't need those little sandpaper strips for traction... :P

I hope it doesn't cost too much to fix!

sister said...

I don't think I can stop laughing enough to type this. I am shedding tears right now. I know what you all just went through the past month getting this bathroom fixed. Your husband is going to kill you!!!! First the house payment now this. Seriously I am laughing so hard my class is starting to stare at me. Wondering what in the world could be this funny. I know that they would just have to know my sister. I can see it all now. Kathy is funny. Crochet butt protection. Sorry sis :(


Stacey said...

Oh no! There's this horrifyingly fumey paint you can buy for bathtubs (or is that what you already did to the tub?) that we used about five years or so ago. You have to clean the tub with muriatic acid before and between coats, though (vile, vile stuff--wear rubber gloves). Ours flaked a little after a few years, probably because I forgot to do the muriatic acid between the first coat and the second one...

It was kinda funny, though. I was in there painting, and Don kept asking me "are you okay with the fumes? do you need me to take a turn at it?" and I kept insisting I was fine. Then I stood up and nearly passed out LOL So if you decide to use that stuff be careful around it :)

Karla said...

LOL - "So what'd you do today?" Too Funny!

I'm sorry about your tub, Rebecca! But you know, reading the back of the Snow Bol bottle SCARED me! "Hydrochloric acid"??? You can't use that stuff on ANYTHING but the "pot"! Well, at least you know the pot's clean with that acid eating away the germs and yuckies!

Sorry about your tub.

stefani said...

Oh my gosh! That stuff just eats thru anything. Reading the rest of the precautions (wear safety goggles, long sleeve shirts) just blew me away. Who wears that stuff to clean the bathroom anyways?

Don't feel too bad Rebecca. I would have probably done the same thing.

I hope it is not too pricey to fix.

Deneen said...

Well, at least when your husband asks what you did today, you can just show him! Okay, not funny. They do have enamel repair kits, but not usually for that extensive damage. My husband would have killed me!

Dani said...

Maybe something like this?

When we moved into our latest rental house, I bought one of these (noth the one I linked but like it) because no matter how hard I scrubbed the tub it still didn;t look clean.

Good luck!

DAWN said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe what I'm seeing!! that is totally crazy. Maybe instead of replacing the tub, it would be cheaper to look into re-surfacing. There are companies that will put NEW enamel on it. I would like to see the "butt pads" if you choose to go that route. Good Luck!

Jana said...

rebecca, i have recently found your blog and love reading it! i feel so bad, and its totally something i would do!!!! i must know what the hubster said when he got home. when things like that happen to me, i instantly have to go to the bathroom. i get the 'fear runs'

Allena said...

OH NO!!! sorry about your tub!

Jewels said...

Oh man,...you must feel horrible - see, housecleaning does not pay

SCarrGo said...

I probably would have done the same thing. I freak about the dirty tub and would pour just about anything in there to make it "white". Except, now, toilet bowl cleaner...

Will the resurfacing seriously cut into your fiber budget??? (You know, perspective, right?)

Heather said...

I did the same thing to my toliet seat. I thought it made the bowl so nice I will do the seat too! It cracked the paint off it and down into the plastic too! Fortunatly I live in an apt and the replaced it free!


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