Tuesday, January 24, 2006

all fixed (sorta)

well, it seems that my troubles are all in my laptop. for whatever reason it has some cookie issues. so pictures and other things will have to be done from the other computer. which makes it a pain for me... but for you, my dear readers.... i'll deal :)

looky at this gorgeous wool! mmmmm. the decadence is in 'chocolate' and is absolutely delicious! positively the softest yarn i've ever held! i'm going to be getting more so that i can make myself a sweater from it. yum yum yum

there is also 2 hanks of laceweight shimmer in maple leaf. and a pattern for a lovely shawl to make with it!

and... and 2 skeins of sock wt in gardenia. i am SO happy to get this! i love love the colorway!

winter wool

see. i already had some :) but only 1. and because we all know i am terrified of socks. i didn't know what to do with it... but now - i have 3!!!!!!

i'm making the cutest legwarmers to ever exist! they are (of course) for my daughter. who is, a girly girl and loves to wear skirts and dresses. and because (of course) i think she is the cutest girl to ever walk, i love to dress her sassy and fun. aren't these going to be a PERFECT addition to her wardrobe!?! i'm all a flutter about them and can't seem to put my needles down. although... these are S.L.O.W. going. 3k2p ribbing on sz 2 and then 3 then back to 2 needles. i just can't wait to get them done. i hope i do before winter is oficially over :P


soooo, talking about how long these are taking me... brings me to another thought - notice (on my newly updated sidebar) i've decided to join in on the knitting olympics. i had planned on making the theresa sweater (kinda ballet-looking, ruffle job) from the debbie bliss junior knits book for my daughter. but i just may be making the 2nd legwarmer :P (forgot to say, these are also from the junior knits) we'll see....
well, i gotta get, just got a phone call from the school that precious, beautiful, fabulous girl i was just speaking of barfed. that's the great thing about moms. they love ya even when you're barfing.


jess said...

mmm what pretty yarn! I love me some knit picks! :)

Rebecca said...

OMG!! You got the best swap package yet! Can't wait to hear how you like the Decadence and the Shimmer. Those are on my wishlist for future projects. Those legwarmers are gonna make your daughter the envy of all the girls!! Go Mom!


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