Tuesday, January 03, 2006

none broken

(we won't talk about the coffee w/ cream or the coke i had today)
yay for me! so far so good on the resolutions :)
finished up this throw last night.
cassi's gift
it is done with 3 strands tobacco colored chenille held together with a N hook. done in diagonal box stitch with just a plain ol dc mesh border. it's nice and warm. it was meant to be a wedding gift for a cousin and his bride... but that was a few months ago... in fact, they're expecting their 2nd child (yes, the 1st was before nuptuals)

denim close

i think i've showed you this before, but it was on the wheel... here it is all 'set'. it's about 11yards varying from lace to super bulky weight. any suggestions as to what i should do with it? yes, i have the supplies to spin more. so if you think of something that will require more.... i can do that.
i know there was more i inteded to tell you than this... but 3 of my 4 children are all begging to use the laptop. what's wrong with the 2 desktops in this house? who knows. so anyhow, i'm gettin' while the gettin's good.


ThreeOliveMartini said...

love the blanket.. and i think that yarn is FAB.. i think a little hat or maybe a bag would be awesome !

margene said...

Your throw is beautiful. Love the texture. It will be warm and soft.

Sue said...

What a lovely shade of brown! The throw looks cozy. :)

When I look at your yarn, I keep thinking of something southwestern but I don't exactly know what, maybe something to throw over an ottoman or a plush rug for underfoot? Or some kind of bag or tote? There's a book called 'quick crochet huge hooks, by Sally Harding that has all kinds of projects for biggie yarn.

Lisa said...

I love that throw, and the yarn!

Rosesandtea said...

Very pretty throw!


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