Friday, January 06, 2006

my funny boy!

whew! i've been busy :)
a little spinning, crocheting, knitting, shopping.... oh how i enjoy my crafts.

before i begin with my fibery goodness. i have to tell you all a funny.

have you ever played the game feeding frenzy from yahoo? here's the gist: you are a little fish, there are smaller fish you eat and larger fish that will eat you... you grow and levels get harder and harder... it's fairly addicting. pc crack. my three year old is at the desk playing this game [yes, my 3 yr old knows how to play on the computer, work the camera, vcr and dvd]... so here he sits working the mouse; chomping and avoiding chomping and avoiding.... then, in a wicked little voice we hear "come here, my juicy little snack!" oh my gosh! it was SO STINKIN' FUNNY! oh, this boy!

some of the spinning is a secret...... shhhh
what do you think of this?

the color is pretty true, although you can't see the really great halo this yarn has. i don't remember what the fiber is or whether it is superwash or not... so.... i spun to a fingering weight and plan to attempt branching out again.... because noone wants to be a contribute-less member

the crocheting that i've done is without pictures. it's a blanket i started a while back that was supposed to have been a gift for my uncle for Christmas. didn't make it. bought him a really cool 'Abbey Rd' tee instead. i'll post a picture when i get a little further along with it. but the point is that i'm working on it! woohoo! go me!

i have one knit throw that is on a pair of 11 cables. it's mindless work. plain 'ol stockinette stich with a 2" garter stitch border. can't show you a pic of this either, as it is a gift for someone who passes through this way on occassion. i have 2 other projects on needles... i'll tell you tomorrow - i'm such a tease.

and as for the shopping, well, some of what i bought is a secret.
and some is not:
i LOVE this book!!

thank you debbie! i love you! seriously, every pattern in this book is phenomenal! it's all knit patterns for ages 3-10 --- and for someone who has 4 children within this range - the best pattern book EVER! and, there are really great patterns for my oldest son as well as my youngest son! i can not wait to finish up the purse i'm working on so i can cast on for one of these!!! do you see how good i'm being about finishing my projects!?! yay me!

also, i purchased my shoes for the BUkick it along.


what do you think? see the heels!?! for a chic who's wore (literally) nothing but birkenstocks for the last 2 years - that's a big deal!
to go along with my resolution to take better care of myself, i hope to lose a little weight (read that about 75lbs). i'm thinking that once this starts to show, i'll want to dress a little funkier - so i'm getting started with this!

hmmm, what sounds good for lunch? i'm hungry. think we'll do a grilled cheese.


Deneen said...

Oh, what pretty wool you have spun!

It is so hard wearing heels after being used to Birkies and my Rocket Dogs-my back kills me when I wear them for any long period of time now-is it age???

Wendy said...

The heel on that is cute. I look forward to seeing the boots you make.

I have been wearing Adidas shoes and Danskos and only wore one pair of heels for special things, which is rare.

The yarn you spun is gorgeous. I love the blue color. You have a lucky swap partner.

I have made Nell out of that book and I agree there are some great patterns in there. My next project out of that book I think might be Meg, which is the coat. I look forward to seeing what you decide to make. I drool over Ruby, the skirt, doubt I will ever make that though as it looks pretty complicated.

Sue said...

lol! Aren't kids a hoot! My son is the #2 IT professional in the house, hubster being the first. What lovely yarn and a lovely scarf! Oh how I wish I were adept at knitting! Have fun with it. :)

Chie said...

I know the game!
Your son's story made me laugh. :D
So cute. :)

Your yarn is beautiful, what a nice color!
Thanks for the book info, as a mother of 5 yr-old boy, I am now very interested in it. :)

julie said...

Ooh pretty yarn!! Love the heels!!

Lisa said...

Love the shoes, and that yarn you spun is beautiful, great color.

Tina said...

Isn't it amazing what our children can do? My three year old can do it all, too: sign on, play any game, it's funny. How come he can't go potty on the toilet yet??? I wonder...

Anonymous said...

little man. that is what he is. He is going to be a comedian I just know it. I love the shoes. I like them as they are and they will make GREAT soles for the booties you are going to make. What color are you going to make them in? Have fun. I want you to make me something new now!!! he he he. love ya, sister


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