Wednesday, March 01, 2006

at the RED-y

spectrum red

yes, it's true, i can't resist a fun a-long

Project Spectrum
"The idea of Project Spectrum is simply a celebration of the colors around us, and taking the time to notice them. Each month over a six month span will be devoted to a color group - participants can knit, dye, crochet, weave, spin, stitch, paint, scrapbook, sew, quilt, cook, grow, photograph, bake, or bead items in that color group (of course all arts and crafts not mentioned here also count!). "

the game plan:
March - Red and Pink
April - Orange and Yellow
May - Green
June - Blue
July - Violet / Purple
August - Neutrals / Black & White

my plan:
March - Red and Pink - arm warmers for my mom in red and kick it boots in pink for me and finish a hot pink necklace for my sis sherry (who has an interesting post on mardi gras up today), that is in the weaving in stage that sucks so bad
April - Orange and Yellow - undecided, although i have this really really great bulky wool rug yarn in bright orange that i desperately want to make a felted backpack for my daughter but have yet to find a pattern-suggestions?
May - Green - undecided (possibly something for my bil who is an A's fan)
June - Blue - Christmas blanket for my dad
July - Violet / Purple - Christmas blanket for my sister, chelle
August - Neutrals / Black & White - undecided

watch for the new button and progress on the side bar ---->

so this will be fun to see explode all over blogland. what are you going to make for march?

in other news:
Knitting Gold
my gold


Lolly said...

Oh this is exciting! It is so fascinating to see all that you have planned! :)

Rebecca said...

Yippee!! i'm doing Project Spectrum also! I just haven't blogged much lately. March for me is already seeing me knit the Silky Tie Wrap from the Jan. Creative Knitting. It's for my 7 yr. old for Easter and I'm using Berroco CottonTwist in a yummy mix of pinks and orange. Congrats on your gold!! My carpel tunnel did me in while working on my Olympic project. But I DID FINISH one knitted sock!! My first!! So I'm satisfied with my performance. Knitting with toothpicks does take some getting used to afterall!! LOL The wristwarmers look great! I'm sure he will adore them.

strikkegal said...

Congratulations with the gold medal! :) I really DO NOT like my mittens, I don't like the way the look close up and my arms are not long enough for them to look nice... I'm thinking felting might be a good idea, depends on my friends, if anybody like them, they can have them :P

jocelyn said...

oooooooo, congratulations on your Gold Medal! And your Project Spectrum goodies sound exciting! Can't wait to see your finished projects. Red and pink; fun colors...........


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