Sunday, March 05, 2006

more red

staying within color scheme, my work of late:

the lovely LadyLinoleum has a casting call for "tomatoes from the edge". Mikail Mato (made of 100% handspun -by me) is my contribution:

Mikail Mato

the ever handsome Dude has made a request for 12" squares. He is involved in a wonderful charity: Heartmade Blessings. this is the square i put in the mail on saturday:


after hearing about the fingerless mitts i made my grandpa, my mom asked for a pair. her office is a bit chilly and having had surgery for cts, the warmth on her wrists while she types all day is a good thing. and for my mom to actually request one of my crafty things... i jumped right on it. i'm using a ww lion brand wool ease, red with multicolored speckles. she requested no thumb and i wanted to make it a little more girly - so i chose a cabled pattern. here is the first one:

mom's fingerless mitt

a quick funny on 2 of my kiddos. i swear on a flock of sheep these are exact words!
i've told you before how my 3 year old loves feeding frenzy. so he sits, obsessed with enlarging his little fishy by consuming the smaller ones. with his older sister by his side with words of encouragement, "i believe in you, baby vic, i know you can do it" - how could he not? and then at last a ppbbbbbllliiiiing, from the computer, my boy raises his hands in triumph and yells "dreams do come true!" that's right friends, he passed a level he's been on for a while now :D


noricum said...

I love the tomato!!!

stacey said...

Awesome tomato!

I really like those fingerless gloves you've been making--I've been thinking of trying some (only without the cables! not ready for that yet!) to see if it'll help my hands feel better.

Lucy said...

The tomato is absolutely awesome!!!!!

ladylinoleum said...

The mato is faboo! I will post his story this week as well. As usual, I'm am slooooooow. Great gloves and square too!

Donna said...

Oh, man, when... if... I get some time I need to do one of these tomatoes! Love the handspun you used for it!

CynCyn said...

she actually calls him baby Vic? That's adorable? That's why I always said I would prefer to have an older daughter, younger son, if and when I procreate. Beautiful mitts... i might need the pattern for my own knitting induced CTS.

margene said...

Look at all the red. Showing a little color everyday would be fun! Nice work.

Kim Guzman said...

Great tomato! I just love all the tomatoes coming in on the Lady's website! And, cables! I love it! I've been working on trying to get a good cable in crochet. I love the way they look.

Jewels said...

THOSE are the best wristwarmers I've seen in a long the cables.


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