Friday, May 26, 2006

booty blues

so far so good. yesterday was the kiddos first official day with no school. minimal fighting and no boredom! of course, my niece was here for the second half of the day, so i guess that's kinda cheating. it started raining yesterday evening and still is. well... not actual rain - just random drops. just enough to keep everything wet, chilly, and muddy outside. so it'll be an indoor day for us. at what point do kids realize that sound travels? they are so funny. they are playing "hide and seek". the youngest is in a cabinet in the kitchen and keeps opening and shutting the door to peek out. silly boy.

all 4 kidlets have an eye doctor check up today. so that will take up some time. not that i'm really looking forward to keeping them all entertained while we wait. ugh! i've got to get some snack crackers made up and paper and pencils gathered, maybe a hotwheel or 2, a book or 3...

remember that sweet little sock teddyi made? well, she never made it to her new home. it was in the back of the suburban awaiting my trip to the post office.
just look at what my 5 year old did!

markered up

i guess what i'm going to do is see if i can get a piece of felt to fit the booty space and stitch it on. unless you have a better idea?


ThreeOliveMartini said...

speaking of things to be mailed..

my wool still isnt here ..

Lucy said...

What is that...I thought it was part of the yarn...sorta looks like a cute little heart...I'd leave it go.

kimberly said...

Hey, that adds to the bear! That's just your daughters contribution to the gift.

Kathy said...

Looks like a heart to me, too; just go with it. Was it marker, grape juice, or something else?


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