Monday, May 08, 2006

pincushion challenge

Booga J has started a fun challenge!
making pincushions :D
pincushion challenge

the month of May is fruit fruit challenge

my contribution:
fruit challenge

pretty cute, heh?
it's needle felted with the 'seeds'embroidered on with red dmc floss. the stem is a bit of teal/purple i spun a while back. i gave it to a lady who helped me in a pinch the other day - vic and i were on a field trip with my girl. after the nature reserve, we went to a restaurant that DOH didn't take checks. i never carry cash so she picked up lunch for my little guy.

my kiddos do not have school today (using up their final snow day). there are only 4 days of school left. they are about to just come unglued waiting for summer.
i'm ready... i think :P

also, be thinking of my babygirl tomorrow (tuesday). last year she broke her arm good and needed some screws, a plate and rods. tomorrow, they have to be removed. it's just a 'day surgery' so they are expecting her to be out of the hospital by late afternoon. but i'm still nervous.... that's the mom's job, right?


CynCyn said...

hope all goes well tomorrow. and snow? please send it our way. it's hot here in CO.

Jewels said...

Love your little strawberry. You are a mom with many talents for sure!!


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