Sunday, May 07, 2006

HELP! what would you do?

i think i have told you that part of the reason for my hereandthere posting is because of remodeling/revamping going on at our home.
here is my biggest dilemma:
my craft room. it is 10X9. it has 3 fabulous windows that provide me with viewing of the backyard to keep an eye on the kiddos. 2 that face east and 1 south.
the north wall is complete cabinets, wall to wall, ceiling to floor - with a great counter for working:
this is the what the top looks like. the bottoms have just one board - so 2 shelves - both a nice big roomy size.
the west wall has the entry door into the craft room (from the kitchen)
here you can see the amount of space from the windows until the cabinets begin (not much) on the east wall.
east wall

if you had this room. how would you set it up?
my sewing machine will be in our study, so that's one thing i don't have to worry about. oh, and my hilary (spinning wheel) will most likely be in the living room)
all of my craftiness needs to fit into this room.
i sew (my fabric is stored in rubbermaid bins in the garage because there is NO way all of it will fit in the house) but i do need to keep my "supplies" in here.
i spin - i need to store my wool, niddynoddy, ball winder.....
i needlefelt - small amt of storage needed for needles and styrofoam
i bead
i knit and crochet - needles and hooks and all other notions need a home as well as yarn.
i'm learning to embroider - so i also need to store all my threads for this
i also do tons of scrapbooking, but this has it's own designated closet - so none of this is in this room- *whew!

and DON'T advise me to drop a craft. it's NOT going to happen. :P

oh, yeah, it looks all crazy in this pics, this is before the painting and ripping up the floor and taking down all the hidious wall paper.....
afters will come later.

HELP! what would you do?


Tam said...

What a great craft room! I'm sure the possibilities are endless! Can't wait to see the "after" shots!

CynCyn said...

terrific space. let's see. i would grab some of those 'utensil' holders, both for countertop (like vases) and for drawers for knitting needles, crochet hooks, and scissors for scrapbooking.
for your fiber, (esp roving), you might invest in some vacuum bags? for countertop, all the stuff i use most often, including ball winder, swift, etc. to store yarn, i would maybe figure out how to divide up those long shelves in the cabinets, so that if you pull one ball out, the whole shelf of yarn doesn't tumble out.
i'm so jealous of your space! how fun will it be to have everything (almost) in one room?

noricum said...

I would add a table in front of the windows so you could enjoy the view while crafting. :)

~drew emborsky~ said...

I'd fill that space up so fast it would make my head spin... LOL


kimberly said...

OH my! Considering that's how big my entire apartment is here in the city I would be hysterical if I had that for all of my crafting. Do you mind if I move in? I wish I could say that I don't eat much but that would be a lie. ;o)
I would also put a long L-shaped table in front of the windows for cutting and sewing.


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