Friday, September 15, 2006

still at it!

i know i've been away - but i haven't been idle!
once a month, a group of ladies that i hang with get together. i like to make a gift for the hostess of the month. this time, out little swaure was at my friend jenn's house - who is an awesome cook.... SO - i felt an apron was a fitting gift. check it out!

jenn's apron

jenn's garlic

the colors of the picture aren't very good. the red is actually a very deep brick red. :D yay!
the garlic clove is kinda wonky. i googled "garlic" images, picked 2, combined them - then free-handed (obviously. didn't really need to put in that detail) it with pencil and used simple embroidery stitches.

also....still at it, is the whole eating better thing - AND
went to the doc to weigh this morning.... i've lost 4 more pounds! woo hoo! that makes me down a total of 18 pounds! this all started on june 26th so i'm feelin pretty good about the length of time this is taking. not too fast, not too slow


sherry said...

BIG CONGRATULATIONS on the whole eating better and losing weight thing! That's super! The apron is darling. Your original design on the pocket turned out very nicely.

**Crystal** said...

loving the colors in that apron. I bet your friend was impressed AND thankful.

Btw, congrats on continuing to lose weight and maintaining a new lifestyle! Old habits die hard, I know. I, myself, have been trying to figure out how to eat better. Its difficult to cook for just me and E. - and fresh ingredients require so many trips to the store! But every time I fall off the wagon, I just get back on.

Congrats again!!!

(btw, why aren't your new posts showing up on my bloglines subscription anymore?)


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