Thursday, September 21, 2006

saturday's sky

i didn't get my saturday sky posted. it was beautiful. gorgeous blue. i will, for the rest of my life remember the perfect shade of blue it was on saturday. you see, i spent 2 hours, staring at it. praying.
J played his first game of football.


30 fathers, standing, a little taller than they were the day before, at the edge of the field, discussing plays and strategies. pointing out their little warriors to each other. behind them, 30 mothers, watery eyed and praying. desperately trying to be supportive and strong.
oh wow... my baby is too big.


looks like the first game was tough on him, too


sherry said...

I canNOT beeeeelieeeeve my little Munchkin is playing football! It's official--you're old!!

he he he

Bonnie said...

Wow, he is getting so big!

Catrina said...

Love the sleeping in the car picture!

metal and knit said...

mmm I dont know what it does to the family when the football season starts. For us it is rugby league and my nephew playing. He must be one of the few guys in the team that has all of his family and extendeds attend all games.


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