Monday, September 18, 2006

any day now...

my mail is going to be SOOOO good!

ooooo- why? what am i expecting?

labels! labels! labels! i'm so excited! they are SO cool!! (i got a sneak peek!)
lisa from clothing labels 4U, is awesome! she was so helpful to me, put up with my insanity and indecision. seriously, if you have ever considered getting labels with your own logo/name on them - this is the place to go to!

i can't wait to show you all! can you feel my excitement? oooo and the new website layout is really close to being done---- eeeeek!

any day now...


sherry said...

Great! So when do I get something made with a label in it?!?!??

:D sherry

lenise said...

OMG I really really need those!!!! I can't wait to see yours!

Have a good weekend.


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