Sunday, July 13, 2008

stop the presses!

i'm updating - again!

wait... i'm updating - again - with a photo!

wait... i'm updating - again - with a photo - of an FO!

sherry fidget

because everyone needs a scarf in the middle of the summer! it's a gift for my sherry. i don't remember when she asked me for a baby blue scarf... or wait - i don't think she ever did? she asked for a baby blue coffee cup cozy. which i did and didn't take pics of. i think i just found this yarn and liked it for a scarf for her. it's a joann's sensations yarn - that i can't find the label for and it's not on the site.. but it's really really soft. wool/cotton blend maybe? the pattern is fidget. i love it! i added an extra button to the inside of it to help with the rolling and keep it closed a little better for her NYC winters.

today is my J's bday. 11 years old - i just can't believe it.

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