Sunday, July 27, 2008


years ago, i attempted to make a felted backpack for E. it didn't work. i put it away in a box. well, we're trying to get the garage somewhat cleaned out and i came across a 'crochet' box during the weekend. i didn't want to just throw it all out... so i stared at the backpack for a bit trying to decide what to do. then i remembered a pair of fingerless mitts i had seen somewhere that someone made out of an old felted sweater.
a-ha! perfect.
so a little cuff as trial...


with a litle surface crochet E
and a cool button for closing:
cuff closure
another project years in the making:

hemp flower necklace

this is hemp flowers necklace (ravelry) by norah gaughan from interweave crochet fall 2005. with a few minor changes. some of the assembly had already been done. not sure what my plan was when i started doing it, because some of the rings/flowers were not in the right place. so i just took the remaining pieces and placed them where i thought they looked best and most similar to the original pattern.
started in oct 2005. finished july 2008
hook: C
unknown gifted wool from elizabeth.
i'm pretty sure it was some sort of a yarn swap...but it was almost 3 years ago...
out of one box and into another. this little baby is on it's way to NYC, where it is a slightly belated bday gift! (okay, 3ish years! lol )good thing she loves me


Tiffany said...

Hey girl! It's nice to see you posting again. :)

I'll be driving through your town late Tuesday night on my way to Colorado.

After leaving Las Vegas, we've settled in Ft. Worth. Hope you are doing well!!

sherry said...

LOVE the cuff...if I weren't too old, I'd make you make me one!!

Still contemplating Christmas...


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