Thursday, July 17, 2008

smell this

if you could smell the deliciousness from my kitchen right now...
mmmmmm. you'd be so jealous!


but no need. you can make your very own batch of peanut butter perfection:
shauna of glutenfreegirl has the best recipe for peanut butter cookies on this planet. they are flourless. so the peanut butter is not all diluted and dried-up tasting. just rich and delicious.

another FO!

eye hat 1

are you proud or what!?!
this is the "mind's eye hat" from shannon okey's spin to knit. i kool-aid dyed the corriedale ages ago. i spun about half of it last weekend and made this hat. it was supposed to have been for me. *sigh. it looks much better on the girl. this style of hat is just not right. i definitely need more of a bucket-type. some sort of a brim. boohooo. it's just such a beautiful blue with a teeny hint of pink just every wee bit.

eye hat 2

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