Thursday, December 23, 2004

another day, nothing done

as far as the site goes anyway. oh well - or as my little sister used to say oilwell. man oh man we used to give her heck over that!

do you see what i see? he he he he... it took 2 weeks before he could resist the shiny balls no more. doesn't he look guilty?

a wonderful ELF from crochetville blessed my mailbox with the cutest little chapstick holder - it's a keychain!! how convenient is that?!

that's all for now. MUCH to do!!!


Gina said...

That is tooo adorable--chapstick holder! I really like that idea. Hmm, my lips are feeling a bit chap now. A suggestion? ho ho ho
Thank you for watching my tv show--hope you liked it; 100% ad-libbed!
Happy holidays

Chelle =^.^= said...

Happy Holidays Rebecca!!


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