Saturday, December 18, 2004

mi vida loca

yesterday was early release day for the kiddos - so they got out of school at noon. what a perfect time to run some errands, i thought - along with the other 325 THOUSAND people that live in this town! seriously, i had to WAIT for a parking spot at walmart! and there are 4 supercenters here. they had to have made a killing yesterday. so we brave walmart because milk and jewelers pliars can not be found at the same place any where else. it wasn't that bad, but the funny thing? i had forgotten that it was "pajama day" at school for my children. so here we are traveling town with my 2 oldest decked out in their pj's- all the way to slippers. it was pretty funny, and we got several bizarre looks, with my oldest 2 in pj's and robes and my youngest 2 in the ever-present superman and batman capes. i must have looked like a crazy person and taking my kids right along with me.
i have been a busy little girl as fas as crocheting goes. i finished a cap for my grandpa:

a poncho for a cousin:

a bag for one of my sisters: (still needs to be lined)

speaking of my sister, here she is wearing a scarf i made her thanksgiving day:

okay, that is all i have time to post right now.... the laundry is buzzing at me-ick


Chelle =^.^= said...

Everything looks great Rebecca! Too funny about the PJ's! What a sight that must have been lol - but I have been there, not with the capes but with the ballerina dress up outfits!!

Chie said...

I love all those things you made! :)
Where is your grandpa's hat pattern from? I'd love to make one like that for my Hubby. :)

withahook said...

Ooh Rebecca, I love the scarf, what yarn did you use for that?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm not really anonymous but didn't want to sign on with blogger.
The things you made (hat, poncho scarf, bag) are really nice! I was wondering what pattern you used for the poncho. I'd like to make a lighter-weight one for my daughter and that looks perfect.

Jennifa said...

I usually don't like those hats, but yours looks SO cute. I love that yarn for your sister's scarf, as well! Great stuff. I'd like to know what it is, too, please.


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