Sunday, December 19, 2004

updating, hopefully

thoughout the day today, as i take breaks from the laundry and cleaning of closets, i hope to fool around with the site. no promises... as the last time i did this, nothing changed... it all vanished. so, trying again.
i'm sincerely asking this of you:
what do you think i should change? add?
(remember, you can leave your comments anonymous - tee hee)
i know the gallery of my stuff isn't up. maybe that will be my focus... who knows. anyhow, gotta get the laundry i folded now needs to be put away- never knew my life was so glamorous, did ya?! :)
hey, how do some of you have emoticons within your blogs?????

1 comment:

Donna said...

I've been feedin' the washing machine recently myself, ugh. I put emoticons in just like a regular image, using the img src tag. As far as what you should change/add... I'll have to think on that. I'll e-mail, ya, girl. ;-)


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