Saturday, February 11, 2006

and we're off! so the torch was lit and the casting on begun.... even mine.
although, my project is nothing of olympic proportions. originally, my intent was to make this:
it's Teresa, in Junior Knits, by Debbie Bliss.

but, after talking with my grandpa the other day, i have changed my mind. he commented to me on how his hands are always cold and that he didn't want to wear gloves, because then he couldn't 'do anything'. soooo, i have decided my next project will be: men's fingerless mitts for my grandpa.

i considered working on them both, but i really want to get these to my grandpa as soon as possible.... and i'm no speed-knitter. you know that because i am still working on my daughter's legwarmer (notice-no S, still working on the first one *sigh).

also, the sock... i'm about 1/2" from starting the toe decrease.
i just have too too too much going on.
i'm almost done with the spinning for elizabeth and the winter wool swap. and (yes, there is still more that is in the 'current' WIP list - you do not want to see the whole list-- it's too scary to think about) i'm still working on some crochet things for crochetme.

so that's that- all my fiber stuff... so now about my real world. my house is crazy today. my parents took a mini-vacation. i agreed to watch their furbabies. all 3 of them! it's nuts. all together, they might weigh 10 pounds. 5 month old schauzer, mini-dauschund, and a 1/2 mini-dasch 1/2 chihuahua, combine these little guys with my great dane and australian shepard, add in my 2 cats, and don't forget my 4 kids. total chaos! oh, and i don't want to leave out the fact that my mother's doggies have never seen cats before - there's been some curious sniffin' followed by some get off me slappin' and then some confused whimperin'. wish me luck - 2 more days of this insanity.

yes, i mean that literally, drop a line and wish me luck or say hello or something..... i'm missing everyone's comments.


Kimberly said...

I'll drop you a shout out! Sorry I didn't get that fingerless mitts pattern done up for your grandpa. I am still working on the pattern and tweaking it...and spinning, and knitting for the Olympics..and life got in the way, and well.....WAH. Oh my the talk of the dauschand and the great dane reminds me of the movie the Ugly Dashaund. Too funny.

noricum said...

Hello! Good luck. :)

Blogger's being a turd again. Gah!

Deneen said...

Sounds like things are nuts there, but sounds fun too!

Did ya get my last package I sent to you?

Anna said...

Goodness gracious - you've got a full house! You made me laugh with the comment about the dogs new experience with the kitties. :)

Speaking of schnauzers - I love them! My mom has a white one, boy, that I gave her for Mom's day ~4yrs ago and a new (6mos old) salt & pepper, girl. I've been promised the pick of the litter when they allow them to mate in 6 mos! Woo hoo! My own puppy! It should arrive just in time to be a wedding present too. ;)

Sue said...

That's alotta pets!! I can just imagine the pets running all over the place!! Hang in there. :)

Lady Wyntir said...

i see what you mean about the lining. thanks for your advice ^_^

seems you're busy too! good luck with all the little ones. those doggies sound so cute!

enjoy the rest of your week!

Jewels said...

I'm laughing here just having visions of the animals running racetracks thru the house...good luck!! I think it's wonderful you making your g/f those mitts.


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