Wednesday, February 15, 2006

1/2 way!

i'm 1/2 way to the finish line!! i've completed (all but sewing in the ends) one fingerless mitt for my grandpa! i'm so excited - not because i'm 1/2 way there, but because it actuallly LOOKS like a mitten!! wooohooo for me! it's in a ww grey wool ease. warmth and easy care... he's a smoker -blech-, so i wanted something that could get tossed in the washer and dryer with no problems. the picture isn't that great, they look kinda funny because they are too big for me, they look much better on hubby.

grandpa's mitts

speaking of wool ease, my friend lenise has asked the question whether or not to use wool ease for socks... pop on over and give her your opinion/experiences with wool ease socks.

for the last 2 days, i've been tending to sickies. strep found it's way into my house - UGH! so far, my oldest hasn't gotten it since his tonsils were removed (last summer) YAY! my daughter was really bummed that she had to miss the Valentine's Day party at school. poor baby girl. hmmm, what else.... OH!

i got another package from my winter wool swap partner! Deneen, you are too sweet!!
she made this great fulled bag and gifted it to me :) i think the coolest thing about this bag is the colors... i don't have a 'cool' colored bag... and now i really need one because last thursday, on my way to our MOPS meeting, i spilled coffee all over my shirt and ran into a store and bought this really great olivey-lime colored tee that is a total match to this bag!!! and she also sent a hank of wool of the andes that i think she dyed herself... i LOVE this yarn!!! ya know what it will become??? Sophie! i've been wanting to make this for myself since before i could knit--- now i can!!!! THANK YOU!

winter wool 2!
(the colors are actually much brighter in person)

also... see those feet? remind you of anyone else's little boys? LOL

oh, and yes, i know how behind i am on the ABC-along... i'll catch up. hubby and i were doing some research around town for the upcoming letters and decided i didn't do "A" proper justice. watch for a re-post tomorrow :)

one more final little note.... why can't my mother just keep me informed of her health and dr. appts!?! i'm an adult now. i can handle this stuff and i'd appreciate not being left in the dark. grrr.. she just disappears from radar and makes us (my sisters and i) all freaked out 'cause no one knows where she is... turn on your damn cell phone!!.... okay, sorry 'bout that :) breathe.


Allena said...

wow that bag is awesome! i'm still searching the mail box for my winterwool package. i hope i get it soon!
the fingerles mitt looks great!

julie said...

Rebecca that mitt looks fabulous!!

Jewels said...

The knitted mitt looks super. Your skill is majorly improving!!

Lulu said...

mitt is looking good..
hope all get well soon..

sherry said...

hey Grandpa's mitt looks great--I'm sure he'll love it! WAY TO GO!!

ck said...

Love the bag...the colors are great!


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