Monday, February 06, 2006

little secret

i've been keeping something from you
1st Sock!
are you too proud? i am! i want so badly to get my kick it boots done... but the fear of the dpn's was holding me back. so i jumped in and am working on a sock! woohoo! i've got to check the gauge of the yarn i chose and then i can get my shoes started :D

i'm still going on the legwarmer... oh my oh my these are taking forever! i've also been crocheting some super secret stuff for crochet me and still spinning for the Winter Wool swap - but i will finish the spinning tonight so that i can get it in the mail and not be late.... oooo, i hope elizabeth likes what i've made for her!

if i could only express to you the level of frustration i am having right now.... why why why in the hell does ridiculous shit have to go and get all fucked up and ruin shit? what am i talking about? i'm sitting here doing my little post and i like for all my links to be red... why why wont the link for elizabeth turn red?!? i did it exactly the same damn way i did all the others!!! GRRRRR

i'll get some pictures for the letter B today and have those for tomorrow.

okay, i'm done with this today. the battery must be running low on my keyboard, because it is skipping some letters... and i just can't look at that blue link any more.

i almost forgot, Sandy, this is for you:
out my front door and back



Kari said...

Here's a little ease to your frustration, you can specify a color you want a certain link by adding style="color: #52F754" to your "a href" tag, I put it right before the >
of course the #and numbers would be whatever color you wanted. Here's a link to my favorite color place too
Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Ooo, a sock! I can only hope to be able to make a couple of those one day. Nice job! :)

noricum said...

Way to go on the sock!!!

lenise said...

Neat! I'm working on a sock right now and the yarn is teeny tiny. I can't wait to finish it. See you at knitting group!

katie said...

Your practicing is looking good--can't wait to see you start the shoes!


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